Pen Drive: Remove pen drive from laptop without ejecting, doing so may affect data Remove pen drive from laptop without ejecting, doing so may affect data

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pen drive Before ejecting, the option of ejecting a pen drive appears on the desktop at the bottom right. After clicking on it, remove the pen drive from the laptop. Pen drives are used in laptops and computers to transfer data. When we insert a pen drive, there is an icon named Safety Remove Device in it which is ignored by most of the people. However, if you take out the pen drive directly from the laptop in a hurry without turning off the safety removal device, then it affects your device. The pen drive may be damaged. So let us tell you how to remove the pen drive from the laptop, if the pen drive is taken out without ejecting then what can be the damage from it.

How to remove pen drive from laptop?

As soon as you put the pen drive in the laptop, then the option of Safety Remove Device or Eject Device appears at the bottom of the right side on the desktop. As soon as you click on that option, it gives permission to eject the pen drive. After this you can easily take out the pen drive.

What happens if you don’t eject the pen drive?

After transferring data from the pen drive, the process continues in the background between the pen drive and the laptop. If you take out the pen drive directly, then the process stops suddenly. Because of this there is a risk of pen drive getting corrupted. Your data can be completely damaged. Sometimes laptops use the ‘write cache’ process instead of transferring files directly. The ‘write cache’ is a local memory with the help of which the laptop copies immediately and in such a situation, if you remove the pen driver without ejecting it, then the file can be corrupted.

How to remove pen drive in Windows 10?

You don’t need to eject to eject pen drive in Windows 10. Now this feature has been removed in the new operating system of Windows. A feature named Quick Remover has been given at this place. With the help of this feature, you can remove the USB flash drive at any time, but keep in mind that at the time when you are transferring data, do not remove the pen drive. Wait for the process to complete.

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