People live nude in Britain Spielplatz village this is the way to go here

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Spielplatz village


  • Rich people live naked in this village
  • The name of the village is Spielplatz.
  • If you want to go then you have to do this work

There are different types of people, different traditions and different types of civilizations in the world. But you will be surprised to know that many people have made such things for their hobbies too, after hearing about them or seeing them, you are compelled to think. Some rich people have done the same thing together. He has created such a village in the world, where everyone from children to old people is bare without clothes. This work has been done by the Britons, who once ruled the whole world, who are also seen as the most developed civilization in the whole world.

The name of the village is Spielplatz.

One cannot imagine that in Britain, which has told the whole world about clothes and their fashion, some people would choose to be naked. The name of this village is Spielplatz, it is located in Hertfordshire. Although people here, not for one or two years, but for the last 90 years have been living barefoot. The biggest thing is that these people are not doing this work because of poverty, nor are they doing it because they are not yet aware of clothes and modern things. They do this for their own pleasure.

rich people live in the village

Most of the people in this village are rich. They have no shortage of money. This entire village is equipped with modern amenities. Most of the people living here have two bedroom bungalows. The cost of these bungalows is around Rs 78 lakh. In this village you also get swimming pool, beer bar, good food and good accommodation facilities.

How come outsiders

This village was established in the year 1929. Many documentaries have also been made on this. You can come here if you want to come from outside. There is no restriction to come. But you have to follow the rules and regulations here. If you also want to spend a few days without clothes, then you can go to this village of Britain.

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