People using Google Chrome are in danger! Google said do this work immediately

A big and important information has come out about Google Chrome Update. If you also use Google Chrome browser, then this news is especially for you guys, see details.

People using Google Chrome are in danger!  Google said do this work immediately

Important news revealed for Google Chrome users

Google Chrome Update: Google recently removed 27 security flaws found in its new version 104 and also advised users to update their browser. Now once again Google has asked users to update their browser and now this time 11 more security-related flaws have been detected in Google Chrome.

Google has recently given information about the latest update through a blog post, let us know that the new Chrome version for Mac and Linux is, while the latest version of Chrome browser for Windows is For the information of you people, let us tell you that these latest versions are available for installation.

Google says that 11 security flaws found with the new security patch have been fixed. Out of these, one flaw was labeled critical, 6 flaws high and 3 flaws medium. Google has not given much information about the bug, but it has definitely come to know that hackers were using this bug for wrong purposes.

Google has advised Mac, Linux and Windows users to update their Chrome browser immediately. To update your browser with the latest update, you have to click on the three dot menu appearing in the top right side. After this you people will get an option of help, in this you will get About Google Chrome option.

As soon as you click on this option, your browser will start updating if any new update is present, as soon as the browser will be updated, you just have to click on the relaunch button.

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