Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Trailer, Description and Screenshots

gym leader iono

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

Iono is the gym leader in Livencia, one of the notable cities in the Baldia region, and he specializes in Electric Pokémon. Also known as Supercharged Streamer, after she rose to fame as the host of Iono Zone – she broadcasts her work as a leader in the gym and the audience engagement and views she receives on her channel. Focuses a lot on numbers. His famous phrases include: Your eyes are mine – stuck in my electroweb! and “Elo,” hello, hello! Ciao and Bonjour!

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet
Pokemon Scarlett and Violet


  • grade: elephant pokemon
  • writes: electrical
  • to rise: 3’11 inches (1.2 m)
  • weight: 249.1 lbs. (113.0 kg)
  • ability: electromorphosis / static
Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

—belly button belly dynamo produces a large amount of electricity

The bellybolt expands and contracts its flexible body to generate electricity in an organ such as the navel. The enormous amount of electricity generated in this way is discharged from the two eyeballs on either side of his head.

Her real eyes are pretty small and round, so when she’s trying to be scary, she puts bumps like her eyelashes to good use.

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

Moves by nature, does not notice the opponent until he is attacked

It’s hard to train a Belibolt to start a fight without attacking first, and after sunset, you can hear strange sounds coming from the Belibolt’s habitat. These noises are not the screams of billybolts, but the sound of their stomachs – this sound is known to indicate that they are hungry.

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

– New Ability: Electromorphosis

The Blybolt potential, electromorphosis, is a new potential that first appears in these headings. Beliebolt charges up during the attack, increasing the power of the next electric move he uses.

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet
Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

scarlet pokemon And this pokemon violet Scheduled to go out for converts on November 18th.

Watch the trailer below. See screenshot in gallery.

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