Political crisis in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s audio leak, Shahbaz Sharif government approves legal action

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif launched a scathing attack on his predecessor Imran Khan, calling him the biggest fraudster and the biggest liar of the country. However, Imran has vehemently denied his government’s involvement in the audio leak controversy. Even today an audio of Imran Khan has gone viral, in which he is heard horse-trading leaders before the no-confidence motion. This is Imran Khan’s third audio leak in the last two weeks. Earlier, in the leaked audio, Imran Khan was heard planning a foreign conspiracy. He had also asked his fellow leaders to spread this lie.

Imran Khan’s three audios have been leaked
The first audio clip being circulated on social media is a conversation between Imran Khan and his then Principal Secretary Azam Khan, in which a encrypted piece of Pakistani Ambassador to Washington Asad Majeed is being discussed which he (Majeed) shared with US officials. Sent about the meeting. After this, the second audio of Imran Khan was released, in which he was heard interacting with the leaders of his party including Asad Umar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Azam Khan. In the third audio, he was heard horse-trading politicians.

Shahbaz Sharif told Imran the biggest liar
Regarding these audio leaks, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that he is going to hold a press conference to sensitize the country against the country’s biggest liar (Imran). He alleged that Imran Khan can even sacrifice the country for his personal gain. He said that I am finally saying this today that God has justified the entire opposition, and Imran Khan – who tells lies day and night – is a traitor, he has isolated the country and played with it. Is.

Shahbaz said – Imran did the work of treason
On the audio leak purportedly featuring Imran Khan and his aides, Sharif said he could be heard saying it was a game […] He played with the confidence of the country. The honor of the country was hurt in such a way that no such example is found in history. […] This is nothing short of treason. He said that I am asking all of you, is there still any doubt as to who was behind the conspiracy? The Sharif-led government had set up an apex committee to probe the audio leak from Pakistan’s prime minister’s residence.

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