Protests are taking place in 90 countries of the world over rising petrol prices: BBC Special

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performances in ecuador

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performances in ecuador

Due to rising inflation, life has been affected all over the world. People from many countries have taken to the streets to protest the skyrocketing prices of food, fuel and other essentials.

Rising fuel prices affect our everyday life in many ways. From freight to private transport, fuel prices leave their impact. Because of these, the cost of food, electricity bill and the cost of keeping the house cold and warm increases.

Protesters around the world are calling for change. People want petrol prices to come down. In many countries there have been peaceful demonstrations and in many places the government has also been attacked. In many places people have also paid a big price for this.

16-year-old Khadija Bah was standing at the door of her house when suddenly a bullet hit her.

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