Ptron Bassbuds Sports V2 Review First Look Price Features Specifications

Domestic company pTron recently launched its audio product pTron Bassbuds Sports V2 earbuds. The earbuds have been priced at Rs 3,199, but currently it can be bought for Rs 799 in offers. The Bassbuds Sports V2 earbuds boast of 48 hours of battery life along with support for Environmental Voice Cancellation (ENC). We have used pTron Bassbuds Sports V2 for a few days. Let us know its review.

ptron bassbuds sports v2 Review: Design

The ptron bassbuds sports v2 gets a plastic finish and earhook design. Buds are sports fit and light weight. A big logo of the company is also available with the buds. The built quality of the buds is good for the price. There is a big case with the buds, it can be difficult to carry it in the pocket. Black matte finish design is available with the case. Buttons are available with the buds, with the help of which call attend and music play-pause can be done. The case has support for LED notification light at the back, which blinks in blue colour. Buds also have support for LED notification light in rate color.

ptron bassbuds sports v2 review: specifications

The Bassbuds Sports V2 TWS earbuds come with environmental noise cancellation (ENC) support. Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and Type-C fast charging support are available with the earbuds. Features like music control, low-latency entertainment, instant wireless connectivity, voice assistant are available in the buds. Also, there is support for buttons for audio control, which can control call, track, volume etc. The Buds have an IPX4 rating for water resistant.

ptron bassbuds sports v2 review: performance

Talking about the performance of the ptron bassbuds sports v2 TWS earbuds, the 88mm audio driver comes with the buds, whose sound is loud and clear. That is, even after being a small driver, good sound is available in the earbuds. However, good music comes only at 50 percent of the volume, more than that the music is not worth listening to. Touch control could be given with the buds. Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) has been supported for calling in the buds, which is okay. That is, we do not get a very good experience in this. Noise comes during calling. You will not be able to make calls with Buds in a crowded place.

ptron bassbuds sports v2 Review: Battery

Each of the buds on the ptron bassbuds sports v2 packs a 40mAh battery. The company claims that it can be operated for 48 hours with the case. There is support for USB Type-C charging with the buds. The case can be fully charged in 1.5 hours and the buds in 1 hour. The Buds have an IPX4 rating for water resistant. The battery life of the buds is good, you can run it without charge for a week with the case in normal use. That is, in terms of battery life, there is no complaint in the buds. Here it gets full numbers.

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