Pumpkin stencils from the James Webb Space Telescope may add a cosmic mystery to Halloween

Mix-type fans can bring a little cosmic mystery to the spooky Halloween season with a new pumpkin-carving stencil featuring the James Webb Space Telescope.

It’s provided free of charge with instructions on the CSA website, and three stencils of three levels of difficulty provide those looking to carve a pumpkin in appreciation of the unprecedented new space telescope.

Easiest Stencil It provides a guide to outlining the Webb telescope, with its diamond sun shield and large primary mirror. Gradually recreate the already iconic web split hexagonal primary mirror with the more rigid stencil third mirror and add spider web to the toughest stencil web mirror chart.

An actual Webb telescope mirror is more than 21 feet wide and made of 18 pieces of beryllium gold, and can contain a lot of gourds. It is the largest mirror ever built on a space telescope, dwarfing the venerable Hubble Space Telescope’s 7.8-foot primary mirror.

A project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency launched the Webb telescope on Christmas Day 2021 and brought it back on July 6, the first public photos, including stunning images of distant galaxies and glowing nebulae. The telescope went on to reveal some of the oldest stars ever, the bright Neptune’s aura and this distant exoplanet of other suns, and a new image of the Pillars of Creation A surprising part of the Eagle Nebula was first imaged by Hubble in 1995 .

Pumpkin carving molds aren’t the space agency’s only spooky space-themed activity in October.

NASA also got in on the act by renaming the exoplanet account on the social networking site Twitter for “NASA Hexoplanet”“And sharing the art of horror with descriptions of very real extreme planets and properties of the universe that could perfectly fit home in a horror story. Exoplanet like HD 189733b, a blue gas giant with 5,400mph winds blowing up clouds of glass fragments.”

It is safe to carve a pumpkin, but the CSA recommends caution when using a sharp knife to carve a pumpkin.

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