Putin Nuclear Weapons Use : Russia Ukraine War News Putin May Use Nuclear Weapons In These Possible Scenarios

Moscow : The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last eight months. During this period, there have been several threats of nuclear attack. But at present the tension regarding this is at its peak. A report describes three possibilities under which Russia could use its nuclear weapons. Of these, the least possibility is a direct attack on the enemy with a nuclear weapon. Russia will not make the mistake of provoking NATO and Western countries to retaliate against itself. A few days ago, the US President also acknowledged that the chances of a nuclear attack are currently the highest since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Al Jazeera reported that the first possibility of Russia using a nuclear weapon is a direct nuclear weapon attack on a military base in Ukraine. But the chances of this attack are minimal. Not only would this attack on scattered Ukrainian forces be relatively less effective, but it could provoke the US and NATO to launch an immediate and significant retaliatory strike. The dangers of devastation after a nuclear attack are extremely serious and very clear.

Nuclear attack will end the world, Lukashenko’s threat to Putin – destruction will not happen only in Ukraine
nuclear test most likely
Another possibility for Russia to use nuclear weapons is its exposure to the Black Sea in international waters. Although this is also fraught with risks, it will not trigger NATO to retaliate and could prevent a possible escalation in the war. The third possibility of Putin’s use of a nuclear weapon is a nuclear test on Russian soil and the most likely.

Stampede will happen in many cities
If Putin does so, it would be in violation of the Test Ban Treaty on Atmospheric Testing, but it is unlikely to lead to a military response from NATO. This test will remind the world that Russia has many means in the form of terrible weapons to counter the enemy. Whatever the purpose, the use of nuclear weapons will cause panic in the world and many cities will fall into chaos from which citizens will start fleeing.

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