Putin Russia Ukraine War Nuclear Attack: Putin Planning Escalation Of Russia Invasion Of Ukraine With Nuclear Strike Western Leaders Fear

Kyiv: In the midst of the fierce war going on in Ukraine, the leaders of Western countries are now worried about Russian President Vladimir Putin. These leaders have expressed fears that Putin may use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine or cause serious damage to European interests. British and US spies say there is “credible intelligence” that Putin is preparing an attack that could change the course of the war. He also claims that Putin has realized the mistake of attacking Ukraine.

According to the Daily Mail report, Western spies have given this warning at a time when America has asked its citizens to leave Russia. The US fears that people with dual citizenship may be thrown into the war in Ukraine. The US embassy has said that Russia may refuse to recognize the dual citizenship of American citizens. They may also refuse to provide consular assistance. Not only this, such people can also be banned from leaving Russia.
The world keeps doing evil but Putin will not back down, preparations are being made to merge the occupied areas of Ukraine with Russia
Russia can merge 4 areas of Ukraine in its territory
The US embassy has also warned that it has become very difficult to leave Russia by flight at this time and that the Russian military is closing the border. Meanwhile, the public has reportedly supported Moscow in a referendum conducted by Russia in Ukraine. Now it is believed that Russia can merge 4 regions of Ukraine into its territory. These areas are – Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson. This entire area is 15 percent of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army has started encircling the Russian army in the Lyman area.

Ukraine is trying to free its territories from Russian occupation as soon as possible. The Ukrainian army is advancing rapidly in the Lyman area and is encircling the Russian army from all sides. Western countries fear that in view of this retaliation, Russia is preparing for a nuclear attack so that a radiation zone can be built here so that the advance of the Ukrainian army can be stopped. They also fear that Russia may cut the Internet cable lying under the sea. Earlier, Russia had also put its 3 lakh reserve soldiers in the war of Ukraine.

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