Rakhi Sawant controversy: Rakhi Sawant revealed – Ritesh was forced to kiss, told plan of second marriage – Rakhi Sawant said she forcefully kissed Ritesh and wants to marry Cricketer tmov

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  • Will the cricketer be Rakhi’s humsafar?
  • Rakhi’s relationship broke, but not the spirits

Hardly a day goes by in the world of entertainment, when there is not much news about drama queen Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant is looking a bit disheartened these days. After the divorce from Ritesh, there were many such moments when tears appeared in Rakhi’s eyes while laughing. However, despite the breakup of the relationship, Rakhi’s courage is not broken and she is dreaming of getting married again.

Rakhi forced Ritesh to kiss
During a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant was seen talking openly about her and Ritesh’s relationship. During the interview, Rakhi blamed herself for everything. Rakhi says that ‘I kissed Ritesh forcibly. He is a shy person. I did it from Force to Kiss. I am guilty of my marriage. I am guilty of many marriages with the Force.

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Rakhi further says that ‘I take all the blame on myself. I had married them by forcefully calling them here. They have no fault. It was I who forcefully kissed him. Rakhi says that Ritesh is a good person. ‘I took all the blame on myself. Which girl would be the one who would take so many charges on herself? Whatever you say, the way Rakhi has spoken openly on the broken relationship. He is commendable.

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Rakhi wants to marry a cricketer
Even after separating from Ritesh, there is a ray of hope in Rakhi’s heart for love and marriage. Rakhi says that ‘My father wanted me to marry a policeman. But I wanted to marry some big cricketer. I will also go to IPL. I will also sit and watch my husband hitting fours and sixes in the stadium and I will give courage.

Rakhi has made it clear that Ritesh is trapped in many legal cases. Due to this, both decided to separate. Well, whatever happens happens for the right. There will also be a special forest for Rakhi, who will come at the right time and hold her hand forever. Is not it?

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