Ranbir Kapoor will drink Deepika Padukone’s milk, know what is the truth


Ayan Mukerji’s new film Brahmastra has been released recently. For the last five years, a large number of fans are eagerly waiting for this film to be made. In what condition is Bollywood known? It is in good condition. The reference to Brahmastra was expected to break down the list of failures. By the way, it is also believed that the copy of the audience regarding the film is correct. Regarding the procedure, it is believed that this is also correct. Despite the ongoing boycott, Brahmastra has had a strong start.

The film has got mixed reviews. Some people liked this film very much, while some people called it a simple film. Although this film was done by Ayan Mukerji, but many surprises were kept for the audience, which are now blowing the senses of the audience. Deepika Padukone also has a brief role in the film. Viewers seemed shocked.

Deepika has become Ranbir’s mother in Brahmastra: Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan’s cameo in the film was discussed for a long time. A few days ago some pictures of Shahrukh were also leaked online. He shone in the audience’s eagerness to see him on screen. However, the real surprise in the film is that he understood it only after seeing Deepika Padukone. Deepika’s character is being discussed a lot on social media. It is widely believed that Deepika will play the lead role in the next part of the film.


The first part of the film was released recently. It is being said that Deepika will be the perfect Amrita in Brahmastra Part 2. Deepika Ranbir is playing the role of a mother in this film. She does an excellent job in her role, portraying the character of a mother’s mother well. Warning: This article contains spoilers. Referring to a recent social media post, this user wrote that the content is potentially harmful. He suggests readers avoid viewing it until they have had a chance to discuss the issue with others. Deepika Padukone plays the role of Amrita in the film Brahmastra. His acting has been praised by critics. Another fan wrote: OMG, Deepika Padukone could be Shiva’s mother Amrita.

Deepika will play the lead role in the next part: A user wrote – In the next part, Deepika will be seen playing the lead role in the role of Amrita. Whereas Ranveer Singh will be in the role of Dev. Amrita and Dev are Ayan’s parents’ name. Let us tell you that at the end of the film some big hints have been given about the next part. The name of the next part of the film will be – Brahmastra Part Two: Dev.

There are many theories going on about this film. It is being said that apart from Deepika and Ranveer, Hrithik Roshan will also play an important role in the next film. However, no official announcement has been made about the second part yet. Many are excited for the next part of the film, which they believe will be even better than the first. The recent releases of Baahubali and KGF have created a stir among the masses, with many eager to see the next part of the film.

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