Rohit Sharma’s fan took the life of Virat Kohli’s fan, stabbed him in the debate of who is better

There is more than one fan of Indian cricketers. These fans of players worship him like a god. He does not hesitate to risk his life to catch a glimpse of him. It has also been seen many times when his favorite players reach the field in the madness. It goes on till this point but in Tamil Nadu such a debate took place between two friends regarding cricket, it took bloody color and one took the other’s life.

According to reports, there was a debate between two friends in Tamil Nadu about who is the better cricketer between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. The matter between the two has increased so much that one took out a knife and attacked him and he died. The two friends were going to have a drink together.

It is being told that Virat Kohli’s fan had done evil to Rohit Sharma. The matter reached such an extent that Rohit Sharma’s fan could not tolerate it and he stabbed Virat’s fan. As soon as this news spread, the police also started its investigation.

The whole matter is being told on social media

Many things are going viral on social media regarding this incident, in which it is being said that when Rohit Sharma’s fan made fun of Virat Kohli and RCB, he attacked his head with a bat in anger. After this, Rohit’s fan hit his partner’s head with a beer bottle. After this, there was an incident of knife-wielding, due to which the person who called himself a fan of Kohli died.

There is a debate on social media between Rohit-Virat’s fans

Fans of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli often clash with each other on social media. Some say that Rohit is better than Virat and some consider Virat to be great. It is argued about Rohit that he is not as fit as Virat, whereas Rohit’s fans keep teasing Virat Kohli’s fans by telling their IPL records. Although it is fine till now, but it is quite surprising to attack each other in this way.

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