Roman Reigns got a big warning from the legend, the famous superstar surprised by becoming the champion

The episode of WWE SmackDown was interesting. This was WWE’s final episode before the Elimination Chamber event and that was the reason they were under pressure to make the show better. If seen, he did a great job and that is why some good segments were seen in the events. Well, in this article, we will look at the results of all the matches and segments that took place in the episodes of SmackDown.

– Contract signing segment at the start of SmackDown

A contract signing was seen at the beginning of SmackDown. Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair humiliate Ronda Rousey and Naomi while cutting the promo. Babyface superstars also responded brilliantly to this. Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair signed the contract. Sonya told that a new rule can be added to their match. The Devil revealed that Ronda would have to tie one of her hands back in order to compete. This means they will have to fight the match with only one hand in the Elimination Chamber. Rousey and Naomi later signed the contract. Ronda attacks Flair and Naomi hits the Devil with a superkick. He slammed the table on the Heel Stars but he escaped.

Backstage Ricochet talked about Sheamus while cutting the promo. He told that he would win.

– Ricochet vs Sheamus

Both the superstars impressed a lot with their match. He used a lot of good moves and finishers. It looked like Sheamus would win but in the end Ricochet had the upper hand. He registered a major win over Sheamus by pinfall. Sheamus was furious and was disappointed with Ridge Holland. Sheamus later pushed off Ridge.

Result: Ricochet wins

Sami Zayn was interviewed backstage. He claimed his victory here.

A video package was seen and the Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction was announced.

Backstage Bloodline members were present, and then WWE hyped Goldberg and Roman Reigns’ match via video.

– Jay Uso vs Ivar

WWE decided to carry on the storyline of the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Jay Uso and Evar tried to make the match good together. It seemed that the chances of Evar’s victory in the match had increased but Jimmy Uso attacked Evar with his own headgear as he entered. For this reason the referee ended the match by DQ. After the match, the Viking Raiders got their headgear on and they had the upper hand on the Heel Stars.

Result: Evar wins by DQ

– Drew McIntyre’s segment

Drew McIntyre talks about Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss while cutting the promo. He told that he will do bad condition of Madcap in the Elimination Chamber. Corbin and Moss entered and here they both insulted Drew. At the same time, Moss claimed his victory but in the end McIntyre warned him again. Thus ended the segment.

Shinsuke Nakamura interviewed backstage before the match and claimed his victory.

– Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Championship Match)

There was a tremendous fight between Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn. Both the superstars displayed excellent wrestling skills and due to this the match proved to be interesting. At the end of the match, Nakamura was unable to stand properly because of a knee injury. Sami Zayn took advantage of this. He attacked the champion’s knees and pinned for the win.

ResultSami Zayn becomes the new Intercontinental Champion

The segment of Ricochet and Alia was seen backstage. Ricochet talks about his win here and then Aaliyah’s segment was interrupted by Sami Zayn. Sammy looked very happy and then left.

– Roman Reigns and Goldberg segment

Roman Reigns started the segment and first asked the fans to acknowledge him. Fans chanted Roman and then Paul Heyman cut the promo. Heyman said that it was a big deal for him to stand beside Roman and that this is not possible for everyone. He claimed that the Tribal Chief would retain his title at the Elimination Chamber. Goldberg intervened. Roman said that Goldberg would have to acquaint him. To this, Goldberg replied and said that Roman Reigns is not his next victim, but his next victim is the Universal Title. With this the end of the segment was seen.

Thus ended the special episode of SmackDown.

Edited by Ujjaval Palanpure

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