Russia False Flag Operation In Ukraine : Ukraine Car Blast Amid Fear Of Russian Attack Appears Like Putin Has Launched His False Flag Operation – Sound of War! Huge car blast in Ukraine, has Putin’s ‘false flag operation’ started?

Kiev : An explosion has occurred in Donetsk, a city held by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. It is believed that this is the beginning of Putin’s ‘False Flag Operation’, which was being speculated for a long time. This could also be the first phase of the Russian attack on Ukraine, which the US is continuously claiming. A car bomb exploded near Donetsk’s headquarters late Friday, completely destroying a jeep that belonged to the regional security chief Denis Sinenkov. There is no report of his injury.

According to the news of DailyMail, Russia’s state media first reported the blast and released the picture. If the West’s warning about a false flag operation turns out to be true, it could mean that Putin’s military themselves blew up the car to claim that Ukraine’s eastern region and Russian citizens living in it were at risk of attack. is hovering. Using this ‘excuse’, Russian soldiers and tanks would be able to cross the border and attack Ukraine.
Russian Invasion: Fear of Russian Attack! Separatist leaders preparing a ‘masterplan’ to expel their people from Ukraine, Putin will give ‘asylum’
The evacuation operation was announced a few hours ago
Hours before the blast, leaders of the two separatist-held areas announced that they were planning the evacuation of women, children and the elderly. Separatist leaders urged their people to move to Russia as soon as possible to avoid bloodshed in the region. He alleged that the Kiev government was planning an attack. Ukraine has denied these allegations.

Appeal to condemn Russian action
Ukraine on Friday called on the international community to condemn Russia’s provocations in separatist-held territories in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine said that if this is not done, Moscow will worsen the situation. Millions of people are believed to live in both regions of eastern Ukraine, which are controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Most of these people are Russian-speaking and some have even acquired Russian citizenship.

About two lakh soldiers of Russia stationed on the border of Ukraine
There was fierce shelling in the area on Friday, for which the separatists and the Kiev government blamed each other. On Saturday, Russia is going to conduct nuclear missile exercises, which Putin himself will be present to see. The exercise is going to take place at a time when it is being claimed that the number of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border has reached 190,000. It also includes Russian tanks, artillery, helicopters, fighter aircraft and missile batteries.

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