Russia SCO map reflects PoK and Aksai Chin as part of India position on Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh | PoK: Pakistan-China got chilli due to this move of Russia, gave a blow to PoK-Aksai Chin

Russia reflects PoK and Aksai Chin as Part of India: India’s friend Russia has given a blow to Pakistan and China. Russia has shown the entire PoK as part of India in a map. Not only this, Aksai Chin which is in the possession of China, Russia has also shown it to be a part of India. Let us tell you that before this Russia has always avoided making statements on PoK and many times has termed Jammu and Kashmir as an internal issue of India.

Russian government released map

Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh have been shown as an integral part of India in the map of SCO member countries released by the Russian government. Russia has taken this step despite Pakistan and China being the member countries of the SCO. Due to this, Pakistan and China are sure to get chilly.

This move of Russia will strengthen India’s side

Due to this map released by Russia, India’s side on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir will be strengthened at the international level and within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Regarding this, government sources in India have said that being one of the founding members of the SCO, Russia has set a record by depicting the map correctly.

China had told Indian areas its

Recently, China also released a map for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and described some areas of India as its own. China had shown the policy of expansionism through the map, but this move of Russia has dealt a big blow to China.

US ambassador told PoK that Azad Kashmir

Recently, the US Ambassador had made a controversial tweet during his visit to PoK and called this area ‘Azad Kashmir’. Nothing was said from America after the US Ambassador to Pakistan, David Blom, declared Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) as free Kashmir, but Russia has dealt a blow to America.

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