Russia threatens Israel, it will be very bad if weapons are sent to Ukraine – Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Israel over weaponry aid to Ukraine tlifws

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned Israel against helping Ukraine. Dmitry said that if Israel supplies weapons to Ukraine, then diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel will end. It is known that Dmitry Medvedev is currently the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia and is considered a main ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wrote on the Telegram app that, ‘It is being said that weapons are being sent from Israel to Ukraine. This is a careless move. This move will end all diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel.

Former President Dmitry’s statement comes at a time when a day earlier on Monday, Iran-Made Suicide Drone ‘Shahed’ was attacked by Russia in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. One Ukrainian was killed in this attack. Last week, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Russia is using Iran-made drones to target Ukrainian civilians.

According to a report in the English newspaper New York Times last week, an Israeli private security firm was helping Ukraine in the war. At the beginning of the war, Israel also provided more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid for 6 consecutive weeks to build a field hospital in western Ukraine.

Dmitry’s statement came after Israel’s minister
Former Russian President Dmitry’s statement came after an Israeli minister, Nachman Shai, said that he would send military aid to Ukraine.

Israeli minister Shai wrote on Twitter that, ‘This morning it was reported that Iran is sending ballistic missiles to Russia. Now there is no doubt on which side Israel should be in this war. The time has come for us to send military aid to Ukraine like the US and NATO countries.

No official statement from Israel
No official statement has yet come from Israel regarding military aid to Ukraine. Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, President Zelensky of Ukraine has been trying to get help from Israel.

Although humanitarian aid was sent to Ukraine several times by Israel during the war, Israel tried to escape with the help of defense equipment and weapons. Ukraine especially wants the help of Israel’s missile defense system, so that it can stop Russian air strikes. Last month, Zelensky said Israel had given Ukraine nothing to help defend itself.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky said, ‘Israel has given us nothing. I understand that he is also in a difficult position with Syria and Russia. I understand that they need to save their earth. But in the meantime I get information that Israel is selling air defense systems to other countries. That’s why I am surprised.

Israel is not helping Ukraine so that relations with Russia should not deteriorate
Israel also does not want to give Ukraine air defense systems because it is trying to avoid taking Russia’s displeasure. Syrian airspace is occupied by Russia, which Israel’s Air Force uses to strike against Iran.

In fact, whenever Israel did an airstrike on Iran, Russia always ignored all this to maintain the relations between the two countries. But when there was criticism from Israel in the war with Ukraine, the relations between the two countries started deteriorating.

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