Russia Ukraine Conflic From Cyber ​​Attack To Nuclear Attack White House Accuses Russia

Russia Ukraine Conflict: The White House has blamed Russia for the recent cyber attack on Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and major banks over rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The talk between Russia and America regarding Ukraine has increased to such an extent that the situation has reached nuclear war.

The US has deployed nuclear-capable B-52 bombers jets to Europe, and has also sent its most advanced stealth fighter jet, the F-35. On the other hand, Russia is going to conduct the biggest nuclear missile drill ever in the presence of President Vladimir Putin tomorrow.

The effect of cyber attacks was limited

These revelations have increased the already ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine. Cyber ​​officials said the “impact” of this week’s attack was limited as Ukrainian authorities quickly brought the situation under control and restored network order. But there are fears that they are preparing for more devastating attacks.

US President expressed concern

America has blamed Russia for these attacks. US President Joe Biden said on Friday he was “sure” that Russian President Vladimir Putin would attack Ukraine in the near future. Biden said he had “reason to believe” that this would happen in the coming days and that there would be attacks on the capital Kiev. Earlier, the US had been saying that it did not know with certainty that Putin had made the final decision to launch a large-scale attack.

Strict economic and diplomatic sanctions will be imposed in case of attack

He referred to America’s “significant intelligence” capability for this assessment and said that at this moment I am sure they have made a decision. We have reason to believe this. Biden has reiterated his warning of tough economic and diplomatic sanctions on Russia in the event of an attack and called for a rethink on his decision. Biden said the US and its Western allies are more united than ever to ensure that Russia will pay the price for the invasion.

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