Russia-Ukraine Conflict: 18,000 Indians stranded in Ukraine, government sets up control rooms, issues helpline numbers, lifts flight ban – russia ukraine conflict indian students stranded ukraine india flight mea helpline number ntc

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  • India-Ukraine flight ban lifted
  • How many flights will be able to fly between the two countries
  • Control room set up in New Delhi and Kiev

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine has also increased India’s concern. Indians trapped in Ukraine are worried about the safety of their families in India.

About 18,000 Indian students are stranded in Ukraine. Most of them are students who have gone there to study medicine. These people have appealed to the government for help. Meanwhile, taking an important decision, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has lifted the ban on flights between India and Ukraine. Now any number of flights can fly between India and Ukraine.

Actually, international flights have not started completely due to Corona epidemic. The flights that are currently flying are flying under the Bio Bubble Agreement. Due to this the number of flights has been limited. Indians stranded in Ukraine had complained about not getting flights from the Indian Embassy in Ukraine.

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After this, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has lifted the ban on the limited number of flights to and from Ukraine. Now airlines can operate any number of flights. Along with this, special chartered flights can also be operated.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Indian Embassy issued an advisory advising Indian students and other citizens studying in Ukraine to return home. The embassy had issued a statement saying that Indians and students who are not required to stay here, should return to their country.

Center set up control rooms, issued helpline numbers

The government has advised Indians living in Ukraine to exercise restraint. The Indian Embassy has appealed to the citizens not to panic. Those who want to go back to India have also been advised to take tickets on commercial flights.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has told that in view of the situation in Ukraine, control rooms have been set up in New Delhi and Kiev. He also told that a helpline number and email has been issued for help, on which one can contact 24X7.

Contact details of control room made in Delhi:

Phone Number: 1800118797 (Toll free), +91-11-23012113, +91-11-23014104, +91-11-23017905

Fax: +91-11-23088124


Contact details of control room made in Kiev:

Phone numbers: +380 997300428, +380 99730483


What is the dispute between Russia and Ukraine?

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time. Actually, Ukraine wants to join NATO, but Russia does not want to do so.

Russia feels that if Ukraine joins NATO, then NATO soldiers and bases will come and stand near its border. However, NATO has assured that this will not happen. That is why Russia has deployed more than 1 lakh soldiers and weapons near the border of Ukraine.

The latest dispute between the two countries is being linked to NATO. However, earlier in 2014 there was a conflict between the two countries and at that time Russia annexed Crimea of ​​Ukraine.

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