Russia Ukraine Conflict: US says Russia Ukraine war appears imminent after shelling in Stanytsia Luhanska Donbas Lugansk

Moscow/Kiev: Tension between Russia and Ukraine is at its peak at this time (Russia Ukraine Conflict). Both countries have also accused each other of firing (Russia Ukraine Shelling). On Thursday morning, Russia claimed that Ukrainian forces attacked the separatist-occupied Donetsk (Ukrainian Forces Shelling in Donetsk). After which many western countries including America called it the spark of war (Russia Ukraine War Latest News). By late evening, the US embassy in Ukraine has claimed that Russian-backed separatists have targeted a school in the Donbass, a Ukrainian government-controlled area. At the same time, US President Joe Biden has said that every indication is indicating that Russia is fully prepared to attack Ukraine. For this, Russia also tried to run a false flag operation with the help of separatists.

US accuses Russian separatists of attack
The US embassy in Kiev tweeted that a school in the Ukrainian government-controlled area in Donbass was damaged by Russian Stanitsia Luhanska shelling. Two teachers have been injured in this firing, while the power supply of one village has come to a standstill. The attacker in the Donbass is clearly Russia. The attack is a direct violation of the Minsk Agreements. This reflects Russia’s neglect of re-contact between Ukrainian citizens on both sides of the border.

Biden said – Russia can attack
US President Joe Biden has said that there are many indications that Russia may attack Ukraine in the next few days. Biden’s remarks came amid heightened tensions between Russia and the US. This has raised fears that Moscow is planning to attack Ukraine. Russia, however, said it had no plans to attack Ukraine. Biden said in the White House that we have many indications that Russia is ready to enter Ukraine, attack Ukraine.

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America’s claim – no signs of withdrawal of troops from the border
He said that the US has seen no sign of the claim of withdrawal of Russian troops from the border with Ukraine. He said the US has reason to believe that Russia is doing gimmicks to try and find an excuse to go inside. In response to questions, Biden said that the threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine is still too high. He said the attack could happen in the next few days and that he had not read Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to Ukraine. According to multiple reports, Russia has deployed around 150,000 forces around Ukraine’s borders.

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Russia expels senior US diplomat
CNN quoted a senior US State Department official as saying that the US has received a response from Russia after the Biden administration gave a written document to the Kremlin three weeks ago. Meanwhile, Moscow has expelled the second-most senior diplomat in the US embassy in Russia. The US has confirmed that Russia has expelled a senior diplomat at its embassy in Moscow. The US State Department said Russia has expelled US Deputy Ambassador Bart Gorman, the second most senior official in the embassy. Russia, however, has not yet explained why it has taken this step. The department said that Moscow took this action without provocation and we consider it a provocative move and are considering our response.

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