Russia-Ukraine Crises: Differences in Russia’s words and deeds, army moving towards Ukraine border, threat of war remains – Russia Ukraine Crises troop withdrawal world war nato ntc

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  • NATO claims – Russian soldiers moving towards the border
  • Ukraine said – Russia hacked many of their websites

The threat of war between Ukraine and Russia continues. Russia has definitely claimed that its army is now returning from many areas, but according to America and NATO, there is a big difference between the words and deeds of Russia. It is being claimed that in many areas the Russian army is increasing closer to the border.

Differences in Russia’s words and deeds?

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, it was told that their army is returning after military exercises. A video was also released showing tanks, troops and vehicles returning from the Crimean peninsula. But these claims have been vehemently rejected by US Defense Secretary Antony Blinken. He has said in an interview that one thing is what Russia tells, but the other thing is what Russia actually does. We have not yet seen the withdrawal of the Russian army, but their army seems to be coming closer to the border.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has also questioned Russia’s intentions. According to him, so far no steps have been taken to reduce the tension. They say that we have not seen any pullback from the Russian side. We have definitely seen that more army personnel have been deployed from the Russian side. Many more soldiers are now coming towards the border. So far no positive initiative has been taken.

What is Russia saying?

Now America and NATO are constantly targeting Russia, but Putin’s government is denying them. It is being said on their side that they do not want war with Ukraine. Their only concern is that Ukraine should not become a part of NATO under any circumstances. They consider it a threat to the security of their country. According to Russia, America had talked about a solution through talks. Weapons control was also discussed.

By the way, amid these allegations and counter-allegations, the concern of Ukraine increased more because their important website was hacked. Ukraine accuses Russia of hacking their site. It was said that his country has not seen such a large level of hacking before. But Russia has denied these allegations. He has said in the statement that he knew that the charge would be leveled on Moscow, but this is not true.

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