Russia-ukraine Crisis: 40 Percent Russian Army Deployed In Attack Position On Ukraine Border, Attack Can Happen On Any Pretext Says Us Defense Official May be attack

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In normal times, 60 battalions were stationed in combat positions along the Ukrainian border. By the beginning of February, it increased to 80 battalions, but in the last 48 hours 125 battalions have been deployed in a tactical role.

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Russia’s stand on Ukraine is still unclear to the world. Only their President Vladimir Putin knows when, how and what moves Russia will make. In fact, recently Russia released a video saying that it is ending its military exercises from Crimea. He had also released a video of the withdrawal of troops from the Ukraine border, but now a US defense official has surprised everyone by making a disclosure.

A US defense official said 40 percent of Russian troops were still stationed on the Ukrainian border in the event of an attack. On the condition of anonymity, a US defense official said that in the last 48 hours, there has been a strategic military gathering on the border of Ukraine.

Deployment of 125 Battalions

According to a defense official, Russia has mobilized 125 battalion tactical groups along the Ukrainian border. All these battalions are stationed in attack positions. He said that in normal times this gathering is of 60 battalions, but in the beginning of February it has increased to 80 battalions, whereas in the last 48 hours it has been increased to 125.

America has warned of attack

Amidst this tension, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. He said that Russia can provoke Ukraine to attack through any incident in any region. He said that Vladimir Putin has many options and he can attack very soon.

Ukraine made this appeal to the citizens

Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency DIU has targeted Russia by tweeting. The DIU tweeted that Russia, through its troops in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, seeks to destabilize the situation by causing damage to infrastructure and infrastructure and to accuse Ukraine of terrorist-like activities. Wants to base. Along with this, Ukraine’s intelligence agency warned its citizens not to leave their homes and avoid using public transport as far as possible. The agency has expressed the apprehension of any incident of provocation like terrorist act to happen at any time.

Russian army will target Kiev: Biden

US President Joe Biden on Friday once again expressed concern about the Ukraine crisis. “We have reason to believe that Russian forces intend to attack Ukraine in the coming days,” he said. We believe they will target Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Biden said an increase in propaganda from Russia could be a pretext for war against Ukraine.

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