Russia Ukraine Crisis: Amidst fears of war reached ground zero

There is tension on the border of Ukraine and Russia and the eyes of the world are on Putin at the moment. What will Putin’s next move be? Until yesterday, Russia was promoting that it had reduced the number of its troops and military equipment, but the US called it a ‘white’ lie like the icy battlefield of Ukraine. The White House is even saying that Putin has deployed 7000 additional soldiers on the border.

The military activity of Russia which is visible in satellite images is itself worrying. Military activity has suddenly increased in Belarus, Crimea and western Russia. A pontoon bridge is suddenly visible on the Pripyat River in Belarus. The construction of this bridge has a deep meaning. From here the distance of Belarus-Ukraine border is only a few kilometers. Obviously, in the event of an attack, this can prove to be a strategic advantage. Not only are weapons and military equipment being deployed, but field hospitals are also being built. All these are signs of preparedness for attack and war.

The European Union is also carefully monitoring the whole situation, because there is a huge difference between Putin’s words and deeds. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has taken stock of Ukraine’s maneuvers to boost the morale of his army. There is also a meeting of 15 members of the United Nations Security Council regarding the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Everything is happening very fast and this development is going to have an impact on the whole world.

Images released by American satellite image provider company Maxar of Russia’s military gathering on the Ukraine border on February 15 and 16 prove that Russia’s military activities are still going on along the border of Belarus, Crimea and western Russia. In these satellite pictures, Russian fighter aircraft, tank-cannon, ammunition, military posts can be clearly seen on the Ukraine border. These pictures show that the war between Russia and Ukraine is not over yet.

The Ukraine Army claims that there are still more than one lakh 40 thousand Russian soldiers and pro-Russian separatist forces deployed on the Ukraine border. That is, the world is still not ready to believe the claims of Russia, because there is a big difference between the words and deeds of Russia and this difference is also visible in satellite pictures. Russia’s claims on the Ukraine border do not match its intentions.

Leave the world, Ukraine is also deeply suspicious of Russia’s intentions and the reason for this suspicion is the difference between Russia’s words and deeds, which has once again been caught in satellite images. The first image received from satellite on Ukraine border against Russia is of Pripyat river connecting Belarus and Ukraine. Photos show that in the last 48 hours a new military pontoon bridge has been built on this river, 6 km from the Belarus-Ukraine border. Through this bridge, the Russian army can enter Ukraine in the blink of an eye via Belarus.

The second picture shows the deployment of Russian helicopter units at the forward location of Belarus on the Ukraine border, which are kept ready to attack Ukraine at any time. Satellite images of February 15 show the presence of at least 18 combat helicopters here.

The third picture is of the Brest area on the Ukraine border, where the deployment of Russia’s artillery unit has increased instead of decreasing. A new and larger field hospital on the Ukraine border is also visible in satellite images. These three pictures have been released by America’s satellite image provider company Maxar. Which questions Russia’s claim that it has withdrawn forces from the border of Ukraine. At the same time, it corroborates Ukraine’s claim that Russia has withdrawn only a few soldiers. There is still a stock of Russian weapons on the border.

Russia’s deployment of troops, missiles and warships around Ukraine is being called the most serious crisis in Europe after the Cold War, to counter which NATO countries have also tightened their military strategy. To strengthen it, a division of the US Army has landed in Poland. The Ukrainian army is also gearing up to respond to Russia’s attack, with President Zelensky himself testing the army’s preparedness.

But whether it is America or NATO, Russia is reacting as if it does not care for anyone, but Russia’s Foreign Ministry is making fun of NATO. Russia is claiming that the US has tricked Ukraine by pretending to be NATO membership. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also warned Ukraine to stop dreaming of joining NATO. But if Ukraine sticks to the decision to join NATO, then Russia has made its preparations, so the siren of Russian attack on Ukraine is continuously sounding.

About 100 Russian battalions equipped with air defence, artillery and other equipment are stationed on the borders of Ukraine with Russia and Belarus. There are around 1000 soldiers in each battalion. Movements are taking place to link soldiers with military equipment and open source intelligence agencies through commercial satellites with intelligence agencies of different countries are also tracking the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. The Russian army started major activity from November 2021 in Yelnya, 125 km from the border of Belarus and Russia. Satellite photos taken at the end of January showed that soldiers had started living in large numbers in hi-tech heated tents, because the snow on the upper parts of these tents was not frozen, that is, the deployment was increasing.

The European Space Agency’s satellite Sentinel-1 takes a picture of a part of Europe every 6 days. Due to this, the vehicles are not detected, but the radar waves of the satellite collide with the man-made constructions and it gives an idea whether the movement has taken place or not. Analysis of data from European satellite revealed that between 23 January 2022 and 11 February 2022, Russian troops were sent in large numbers from Yelnya to the Ukrainian border.

In February, the number of soldiers suddenly increased in the Novuzernoe camp in Crimea. A large camp suddenly formed around an old and unused airfield in Crimea itself, and Russia made heavy deployment on the northern border, and on sight, Russia tightened its grip on Ukraine from three directions, north, south and east. Areas where Russia has deployed military. Some of them are such areas, which are only 25 kilometers away from the Ukraine border. In such a situation, Putin may try to show that he has started withdrawing troops, but America is assuming that Russia is withdrawing its troops under a special strategy. In fact, it is in a position to attack Ukraine at any time.

Russia’s words and intentions on the Ukraine border are presenting a different picture, but what do the common people of Ukraine think about Russia’s attack? Aaj Tak’s team, which reached Ukraine to do ground reporting of the war, is present in the capital Kiev. Taking stock of the situation there and talking to the people of Ukraine, but the surprising thing is that despite such a tremendous deployment of Russian army on the Ukraine border, the situation in Kiev is quite normal and people are also talking about Russia’s attack. are careless.

The situation on the border of Ukraine is going to invite war, but reaching Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, it does not seem that there is such a big threat of Russian attack on Ukraine. Aaj Tak’s team reached the famous Maidan Square in Kiev, where in 2013 there were unprecedented demonstrations against the Ukrainian government. Arriving here, it is not known that Ukraine is in such a big trouble.

While roaming in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the team of Aaj Tak did not find anyone who is serially taking the possibility of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The world may think that Russia has a reason to attack Ukraine, but the people of Ukraine do not see any such reason.

The fear of Russia’s attack on Ukraine was neither visible in the minds of the people in Kiev nor on the streets of Kiev. Everything is normal there, just as it has always been. Hotels are open, people are having fun in pubs. There is hustle and bustle on the streets. Coming here you will feel that the world is feeling the danger of war in vain.

Everything seems normal in Kiev, but it is not that there is no fear anywhere in Ukraine. The tension can be felt upon arrival at Kiev airport. People are leaving Ukraine amid fears of a Russian attack. The common people of Ukraine are taking weapons training amid the threat of war with Russia. Common people along with their army are doing military exercises through fake weapons. At the time of the attack, they are taking first aid training and practicing to get the injured out of the war zone and even elderly women are involved in this exercise. That is, even if the citizens of Ukraine feel that Russia will not attack their country, but if this happens, then they will have to protect their own country.

There are mixed reactions in Ukraine to a possible Russian attack. People are still convinced that Russia cannot attack, but history shows that Russia will not back down from attacking Ukraine for its own interests. Russia has done this in eastern Ukraine in 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine to conquer Crimea in eastern Ukraine, killing 14,000 Ukrainians and displacing 1.4 million. Now US intelligence agencies report that if Russia attacks Ukraine, then 25 thousand to 50 thousand Ukrainian citizens can be killed in Ukraine. Apart from this, 5 thousand to 25 thousand Ukrainian soldiers are also feared to be killed in the war. The report said that as a result of Russia’s attack, one lakh to five lakh citizens of Ukraine could be displaced.

The size of the Ukrainian army is very small in front of the Russian army, but Ukraine has also decided that if Russia enters Ukraine, it will be given a befitting reply, for which the Ukrainian army and civilians are preparing for war. But they still hope that Russia will not attack Ukraine, although Russia’s intentions seem to be different.

(Input- Rajesh Pawar)

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