Russia Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine claims – rebels fired at the village at the behest of Russia… Tension increased – Russia Ukraine Crisis Ukraine says Russian backed artillery strike hits kindergarten NTC

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  • Moscow denies plan to attack
  • Ukraine said – more than 1 lakh Russian soldiers are near the border of Ukraine

Ukraine has accused Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine of shelling a village in the Luhansk region, which it said targeted a kindergarten. On Thursday, the Ukrainian side alleged that Russian-backed rebels opened fire across the ceasefire line in eastern Ukraine. He said the firing came at a time when Western countries had warned of the possibility of a Russian attack any day. However, the firing has not been confirmed.

According to the news agency, concerns have been expressed from the Ukrainian side about the possibility of war and it has been said that more than 1 lakh Russian soldiers are near the border of Ukraine. Moscow, on the other hand, denied that it was planning an attack. It has been said that this week he is withdrawing some troops, but Western countries say that they are not sure about this.

Separatists accused government forces of firing four times in their territory in the past 24 hours, while Ukraine accused the rebels of shelling. On behalf of Ukraine it was said that the rebels attacked the kindergarten. A Reuters photographer heard shots fired toward the line of contact in the Ukrainian rebel-held town of Kadivka in the Luhansk region, but was not immediately able to give details of the incident.

The self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic, one of the two rebel regions, said Ukrainian forces had used mortars, grenade launchers and a machine gun in four separate incidents on Thursday. On the other hand, the separatists said in a statement, “Ukraine’s armed forces have committed a serious violation of the ceasefire by using heavy weapons, which should be withdrawn in accordance with the Minsk Agreement.”

Referring to the rebels, the Ukrainian military said, “Russian occupation troops shelled the village of Stanitsa Lugansk in the Luhansk region. Heavy artillery weapons were used by the terrorists. The shells fell on the kindergarten building.”

The lower house of Russia’s parliament voted on Tuesday to recognize the two self-declared separatist republics as independent from President Vladimir Putin.

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