russia ukraine crisis: US says Russia has added 7,000 troops along Ukraine border, despite claims of pullback

New Delhi: The United States on Wednesday evening alleged that Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders had increased by about 7,000 troops in recent days. This contrasts with Moscow’s claims that Russia is withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border. Apart from the US, Britain’s Defense Intelligence Chief Jim Hockenhull has also said that Russia is increasing its military capabilities along the Ukrainian border.

According to a CNN report, a senior US administration official said the increase falsified the claim of Russia’s troop withdrawal. The official said that now we have signs that on the one hand Russia is offering to talk publicly, making claims to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border but on the other hand is secretly mobilizing for war .

Can make false excuses for the attack
The senior official warned again that Russia could use false pretenses to attack, including claims of NATO activity or infiltration into Russian territory. “We should expect more false news from Russian state media in the coming days. We don’t know what form the false excuse will take. But we hope the world is ready,” the official said.

No evidence that Russia withdrew troops
According to a Reuters report, Britain’s Defense Intelligence Chief Jim Hockenhull has said that we have not found evidence that Russia has withdrawn troops from the borders of Ukraine. Contrary to its claims, Russia continues to deploy military capabilities to Ukraine. This includes moving additional armored vehicles, helicopters and a field hospital towards Ukraine’s borders. A large number of Russian soldiers are present to attack Ukraine.

no signs of stress
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said that despite Russia’s indications that diplomacy should continue, tensions along the Russia-Ukraine border show no sign of easing. The army has not returned. Calling tensions between Russia and Ukraine the most serious security crisis in Europe in decades, Stoltenberg said NATO is ready for talks and it is not too late for Russia to step back from the brink of conflict and choose a path of peace.

Joe Biden’s warning to Russia
Russia said on Tuesday that some troops taking part in military exercises were returning to their military base. However, Russia did not give details of the withdrawal. US President Joe Biden also said that we are not sure that the Russian army is returning to our home base. Our analysts have indicated that there is still potential for risk.

Joe Biden has given a stern warning to Russia, saying that he does not want a confrontation with Russia, but if the Russian attack targets the US in Ukraine, it will get a befitting reply. Biden said, “We are prepared to give a decisive response to a Russian attack on Ukraine. There is still a very high probability of a Russian attack. We do not want a direct confrontation with Russia, although I am clear that if Russia, Ukraine, targets Americans, we will be forced to respond.”

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