Russia Ukraine NATO Admission World War: Russia Warn US & West Ukraine Admission To NATO Could Trigger World War III Amid Kyiv Attack

Moscow: Tensions between Russia and Ukraine over NATO membership are increasing. Ukraine has applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization after more than 100 missile and drone strikes by Russia. Meanwhile, Russia has now threatened that if Ukraine is included in NATO, it may provoke a third world war. Meanwhile, a series of fierce Russian attacks continues and the capital Kyiv has been targeted by Iran’s suicide drone. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin also raised the possibility of a nuclear attack by threatening the use of every weapon.

“Ukraine is fully aware that such a move guarantees that a third world war could erupt,” said Alexander Venediktov, deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council. He also said that Russia believes that helping Ukraine shows that Western countries are a direct part of the conflict. Alexander Venediktov’s threat comes at a time when a resolution has been passed in the UN General Assembly stating that Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s territory is “illegal”.
Russia moves on a mission to destroy Ukraine like Syria, there will be ruin everywhere!
‘Give more military support and air defense system to Ukraine’
Meanwhile, NATO countries have announced that they will provide more military aid and air defense systems to Ukraine so that it can withstand Russian attacks. It is also being said that America can give its Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine, which it has also given to Taiwan. Meanwhile, in the wake of Russian missile attacks across Ukraine, the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for new sanctions against Moscow. He made the remarks while addressing G-7 leaders during an emergency meeting on Tuesday on developments in Ukraine.

Addressing the bloc of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the US, Zelensky said, “There must be a new wave of responsibility on Russia for such a new wave of terror.” The terrorist state should also be deprived of the idea that any wave of terror can bring anything. He further added that, ‘At the level of the entire G7 and the democratic world, we must respond. When Russia attacks the energy sector and energy stability of our countries, we must block its energy sector with sanctions, break its stability.
Russia’s destruction continues in Ukraine, Putin’s army again rained destructive missiles, taking revenge for Crimea bridge?
‘No talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin’
Zelensky also emphasized the obvious fact that there could be no talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The talks can be held either with any other head of Russia so that the terrorist does not have the opportunity to influence important decisions,” he said. The Ukrainian President said, ‘Now there is a person blocking the peace and this person is in Moscow.’ Responding to the call of the Ukrainian leader, ‘the G7 leaders in a joint statement strongly condemned the missile attacks.’ The meeting came as at least 19 people were killed and hundreds injured in Russian missile strikes across the country on Monday and Tuesday.

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