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Ukraine Crisis: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the US sees “no meaningful withdrawal” of Russian forces from the Ukrainian border. He said the “real” threat remained. Blinken’s statement comes at a time when Russia has asked to withdraw troops and deposits near the Ukrainian border.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said the possibility of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine still remained and the US was ready to give a “decisive” response to the attack. He requested Moscow not to wage war.

Biden said on Tuesday that America is ready for whatever happens. “We stand ready to negotiate diplomatically with Russia and our allies to improve stability and security in Europe,” he said. The threat of Russia attacking Ukraine still remains and we stand ready to react decisively to an attack.

The US President said, “The Ministry of Defense of Russia today said that some military units near Ukraine are abandoning their deployment. It would be nice but we haven’t confirmed it yet. Our analysts have indicated that they are still deployed in large numbers.

Calling back Russia and troops
Let us tell you that Russia said on Wednesday that it is bringing more soldiers and weapons back to military bases. This appears to be another sign aimed at reducing the likelihood of it attacking Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Russia’s defense ministry released a video showing a freight train laden with armored vehicles crossing a bridge off Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula. Russia annexed this peninsula to its territory in 2014.

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