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Russia Ukraine War Latest News: Russian Tanks & Rocket Launchers Rolling To Ukraine Border As Explosions Rock Rebel Held Area

The situation between Ukraine and Russia now seems to be moving in a dangerous direction. While shelling continues between the military and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, 200 Russian tanks and rocket launchers have now reached just 5 km from the Ukrainian border. On Saturday, loud explosions were heard in rebel territory in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, in view of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden has called an emergency meeting today.

Videos of Russian army tanks going to the Ukrainian border are now being widely shared on social media. With increasing tension between the two sides, the threat of a Russian attack is now becoming stronger. More than 10 explosions were heard in the rebel-held Donetsk area. Meanwhile, two Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in an attack by pro-Russian rebels. So far there have been 591 ceasefire violations and 553 explosions in the Donetsk area.

Rebel leaders announce full military mobilization
Meanwhile, rebel leaders in eastern Ukraine ordered a full military mobilization on Saturday amid escalating violence in the region and Western fears that Russia would attack under its guise. Denis Pushilin, the head of the pro-Russian rebel government in the Donetsk region, issued a statement on Saturday announcing a full military mobilization. Also requested the members of the Reserve Force to come to the Army Recruiting Office. France, Germany and Austria have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine amid fears of war in the next few days.

Another separatist leader in Luhansk, Leonid Peschnik, has made a similar announcement. Pushlin cited an “imminent threat of aggression” from the Ukrainian military. However, Ukrainian officials have denied these allegations. Top Ukrainian military officials were hit by shelling during a tour of the conflict front in eastern Ukraine. The officers took shelter in a bombproof shelter set up in the area to escape the shelling.
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accusing each other of increasing tension
The two territories occupied by Ukraine and the Russian-backed rebels accused each other of escalating tensions. Russia said on Saturday that at least two shells fired from the government-held part of eastern Ukraine fell across the border. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba dismissed the claim as “a fake statement”. Separatists and Ukrainian troops have been fighting for nearly eight years, but violence along the border separating the two sides has escalated in recent days, including the bombing of a car in Donetsk and the bombing of a convoy carrying humanitarian relief supplies. also includes.

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