Russia Ukraine War Russia Bombing Of Kyiv Continues Representatives Of Both Countries Clashed In The UN Amid War With Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of being a “terrorist country” at an emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly convened after the latest missile attack by Moscow. This UN meeting was called after Russia occupied four parts of Ukraine by breaking it. But, throughout the meeting, the issue of constant attacks and bombings by Moscow on Kyiv dominated. In his opening address, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN criticized Russia in strong words, saying – Russia has again proved that they are a terrorist country and possible strong measures should be taken to stop it.

During the first emergency meeting, Ukraine’s ambassador, Sergei Kayslatya, told the member states that they had already lost their members to Russia’s aggression. He said that about 84 missiles and two drones deliberately targeted civilian and military installations and attacked several cities on Monday. During this, schools and universities were also attacked.

Actually, the tension between Russia and Ukraine still persists. On Saturday 8 October, Ukraine attacked the Crimean Bridge targeting Russia, after which Russia fired several missiles one after the other on Ukrainian cities. Following the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a missile attack was carried out on Zaporizhia first and then the biggest airstrike was done on Kyiv yesterday.

According to a statement issued by Ukraine, on October 10, Russia simultaneously attacked 17 cities, including the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Ukraine’s military bases, energy hubs and communication centers were simultaneously attacked by Russia’s Air Force and Ground Forces. More than 75 missiles were targeted and fired.

Targeted many targets in Ukraine – Vladimir Putin

Giving a statement on this attack, Vladimir Putin said that on the advice of the Ministry of Defense and on the basis of the planning of the General Staff, Russia has targeted many targets of Ukraine by land, air and water.

After Putin’s statement, the most shocking statement was given by Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council. He said, Medvedev said that the mega airstrike on 17 cities including Kyiv is the first episode of revenge. That is, Russia has fixed the entire timeline to shock Ukraine.

Will Ukraine now get Defense System Missile?

After this big attack by Russia, Western countries are also considering changing their strategy. It is possible that Ukraine may now get the missile defense system that Zelensky has been demanding for 4 months. In fact, Ukraine’s military wants immediate delivery of the NASAMS (NASAMS) Ground Air Defense System and Land Best Phalanx Weapon System and the US Army’s Tactical Long Range Missile System (ATACM) so that it can counter Russia’s fierce attacks.

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