Russia Ukraine War Russia’s 75 Missile Attack On Ukraine 10 Points

Missile Attack In Ukraine: On Monday (October 10), Russia has bombed many cities including Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. Ukraine says that Russia fired 84 missiles at Ukraine on Monday morning, in which 10 civilians were killed. Earlier last night an air alert was issued across Ukraine. Then there were speculations that Russian President Putin could take some big step. Know the big things related to this attack.

1. At least 84 missiles were fired from Russia in Ukraine on Monday morning, targeting the capital Kyiv and cities in the south and west. These were the fastest attacks on the Ukrainian capital. This was also the first major attack on the capital Kyiv since June.

2. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that many civilians have been killed in Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. Along with this, the country’s energy infrastructure has also been targeted. He said that we are dealing with terrorists. Dozens of rockets, Iranian suicide drones have been fired. They have two purposes. One is to destroy the energy infrastructure in the entire country and the other is to harm the people. After the latest attacks by Russia, an emergency meeting of the G-7 has been called on Tuesday (October 11). Zelensky will also address this meeting. Along with this, he has also talked to the leaders of many countries.

3. Russia has carried out this attack after the blast on the Russian-occupied Crimea bridge two days ago. Actually, this bridge in Crimea is very important for Russian soldiers. This is the main route for supplying logistics to Russian troops present in Ukraine. The bridge was bombed a day after Russian President Putin’s birthday.

4. After the explosion on the Crimea bridge, a Ukrainian leader said that this was just the beginning. After the attack on the Crimea bridge, Russian President Putin ordered an investigation and blamed Ukraine. On Monday, he also took a meeting of the Security Council. Russian President Putin said amid these attacks that Russia has carried out this attack on Ukraine in response to its terrorist acts.

5. Recently Russia has also faced many military failures in Ukraine. Ukraine expelled Russian forces from much of the northeastern Kharkiv region in early September. In addition, Ukraine re-occupied the southern Kherson region as well as the Lyman transport hub in eastern Ukraine.

6. After these failures, the leadership of Russia was criticized by many pro-Russian leaders. Among them was Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechnya region and a close aide of Putin.

7. On Saturday, Russia appointed Sergei Surovikin as the new general to lead Ukraine. Known as ‘General Armageddon’, Surovikin had previously led Russian military operations in Syria where relentless Russian bombing destroyed the city of Aleppo.

8. In this latest attack by Russia, many parks, universities, footbridges of Ukraine have been destroyed. The famous Pedestrian Bridge in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv was also destroyed in a missile attack. This glass-floor bridge connecting St. Volodymyr Hill and the People’s Friendship Arch is a popular tourist destination in the city.

9. Apart from this tourist bridge in the missile attack, the city’s popular park, university building, as well as commercial set up were also targeted. There has also been a bombing near a playground in Kyiv’s Shevchenko Park. This is another popular place that is often visited by a lot of people. The Ukrainian government has alleged that the attacks were aimed at power stations and people. According to initial reports, at least 10 people have died in Ukraine.

10. Apart from Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya and Lviv were also affected during the Russian air strike on Monday morning. Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovy said that the city of Lviv in western Ukraine has been cut off for electricity and hot water after the bombing.

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