Russia Wants To Bomb Ukraine But Why- Russia moves on a mission to destroy Ukraine like Syria, there will be ruin everywhere!

Moscow: Erasing Ukraine from the world map, is Russia continuing the war for this purpose? Many experts are trying to find the answer to this question. According to some people, Russia has started a nuclear war in Ukraine. But he has not yet used ordinary nuclear weapons. Rather, it is dropping missiles on the capital Kyiv as part of that strategy, under which they can be mixed in the soil of Ukraine. According to some people, Russia is launching such a missile attack that now it seems that it will bring Ukraine to the Stone Age. Some people remember the civil war that broke out in Syria 11 years ago. Syria, once inhabited, has become barren today.

attack on kiev
For Russia, attacking Ukraine’s vital infrastructure means breaking its backbone. Destroying every institution in Kyiv with missiles, drones and rocket attacks is probably what Russian President Vladimir Putin is thinking. According to some experts, the attack on the Krerech bridge connecting Crimea with Russia is now being avenged. The bridge was built at a cost of $3.5 billion. Ukraine has admitted that it attacked the bridge. He has also said that the attack on the Kerech bridge was blown up by a truck bomb.
Russia’s destruction continues in Ukraine, Putin’s army again rained destructive missiles, taking revenge for Crimea bridge?
what did russia say
Russia says that by doing this Ukraine has crossed the border line. Since October 10, there has been an increase in attacks from the Russian side and only one target is being attacked in this, it is not so. Rather, Russia is targeting every infrastructure in Ukraine. What is worth noting is that Russia has targeted even the thermal power plants and command centers of Ukraine. After this Ukraine had to cut off the power supply as well as stop the import of electricity.

this is the real reason
Recently, Russia has assigned the responsibility of Special Operations Commander to General Sergei Surovikin. This is the same general who was responsible for the attacks in Syria from land and air. Under his leadership, bombs were dropped on Aleppo for a month. This was the place the rebels and civilians occupied.
Russia’s worst attack on Ukraine so far, 75 missiles rain from Kyiv to Lviv, Crimea’s revenge
what happened in syria
At that time, aircraft from both Syrian and Russian countries dropped so many bombs on apartments and buildings that there was nothing left. It was because of this attack that the Syrian rebels were forced to surrender. Cluster bombs and incendiary devices were also used at times with the Russian version of the Bunker Buster. During this, on several occasions, Russian and Syrian air forces also targeted hospitals including Al-Sakhor Medical Center, a famous hospital in Aleppo. Aleppo was attacked in four different ways.

Will Ukraine also become Syria?
Experts say that Aleppo was not Ukraine. All terrorist organizations were involved in the fighting there along with al-Qaeda. Ukraine is different in many ways. There is an army here that is gaining ground against Russia. Although Ukraine’s air force is limited to fighter jets and helicopters, it has ammunition and air defense systems. In such a situation, it is somewhat impossible to say that Putin, like Syria, will erase Ukraine from the world map. But the way the attacks are happening, there remains an unknown fear of them.

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