Russian Forces Using Iran’s Kamikaze Or Shahed-136 In Kyiv

KyivUkraine’s capital Kyiv has been under attack since Monday. Russia has been on the offensive ever since the attack on the Kerch bridge connecting Crimea and Russia. Kyiv is being attacked at this level for the first time in the war that started in February. Russia has targeted all major institutions apart from parks and tourist places in the capital Kyiv. Because of this, many parts of Ukraine have neither electricity, nor water, nor other essential facilities. It is being told that Russia has used Iran’s most dangerous drone Kamikaze or Shaheed-136 for the attack on Kyiv. This has also been confirmed by the Regional Governor of Kyiv, Oleksiy Kuleba.

Iran drone attack
According to Ukraine’s emergency services, at least 19 people have died in Monday’s attacks. There have also been attacks in Kyiv on Thursday. Kuleba said that according to preliminary information, Iranian-made drones were used in these attacks. No information has been received about how many people have died so far. After seeing the devastation in Kyiv, it is being said that Russia has used only missiles in these attacks, it is completely wrong.

He has also used the Shahid-156 drone for attacks. The Ukrainian army has also specifically named this drone. Shaheed drone is considered to be Iran’s most dangerous drone. According to the military of Ukraine, the Russian army is facing defeat in the war. Now he has started attacking with drones made in Iran to strengthen his hold.Russia’s destruction continues in Ukraine, Putin’s army again rained destructive missiles, taking revenge for Crimea bridge?
suicide drone shahid
Shaheed-136 is also known as suicide drone. This drone is so powerful that it waits close to the target area before receiving instructions. After this, as soon as the instructions are received, it blasts the explosive on the target with full force. It has been told by the Military Factory website that the weight of this drone is 200 kg and its wingspan is 2.5 meters. This drone has been prepared by Iran’s Aircraft Manufacturing Company and is in use since 2021.

2500 km range
According to the UK Defense Ministry, the range of the drone is 2500 km. Because of this, there is every possibility that Russia is using them in Ukraine. Another website has claimed that a UAV and a cruise missile equipped with the Shahid-136 is capable of causing a lot of damage at a low cost. The Ukrainian military is also not able to defend itself from Shahid-136. Once Shahid has locked his target then it is impossible to stop it.
Ukraine will now have two enemies, Belarus will deploy troops with Russia, Putin’s friend threatens
very low effectiveness
Ukrainian military spokeswoman Natalia Homenyuk told AFP news agency in September that the Shaheed-136 drone was also very difficult to trace. This drone flies very low but it makes a lot of noise. The sound of a jigsaw machine or a bad scooter comes from this drone. That is, they can be heard from a long distance. Their effectiveness is very low but they are used only to scare the population of a place.

Since when are you using
In July, CNN reported in its report that a Russian delegation had visited an airfield in central Iran. This was the second visit in July after June in which weapons capable of drones were to be tested. In August, Russian officials were being trained with drones. On 13 September, a Shahid-136 drone was shot down by the Ukrainian military.

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