Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday named Air Force General Sergei Surovikin as overall commander of the Russian forces fighting in Ukraine.

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious over the Crimea bridge explosion. In such a situation, he has handed over the command of the Ukraine war to General Sergei Surovikin of the Russian Air Force. General Surovikin is said to be a very special military officer of Putin. Surovikin, 55, had commanded the Russian Air Force since 2017. He led the Guards Division in Chechnya in 2004. Apart from this, in 2017 he commanded the Russian air strike in Syria. Under his leadership, the Russian Air Force also bombed Syria fiercely. He was also awarded a medal for his service in Syria. In such a situation, the appointment of General Surovikin is being seen as a major military reshuffle.

Third major military appointment within a week
This is the third most prominent military appointment in a week. Putin fired the commanders of two of Russia’s five military regions earlier this week. General Surovikin has since been made the head of Russian military operations in Ukraine. Putin is also angry that Russian forces in eastern Ukraine are increasingly retreating. If this continues, soon Ukraine will have control over the whole Donbass. Just a few days ago, Putin had claimed to merge four regions of Ukraine with Russia. He had said that the entire area of ​​Russian-speaking people, including the Donbass, is now part of his country.

First General Sergei Surovikin was in command of Ukraine war
Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday announced the appointment of Air Force General Sergei Surovikin. However, the ministry did not specify who is replacing Surovikin. British military intelligence said in April that General Alexander Dvornikov had been appointed to command the Russian army in Ukraine. Russia has been calling it a special military operation since the beginning. He attempted to centralize command and control two months after the attack began. However, Russia has always denied that there is an integrated military command of the ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

Russian army constantly retreating in Ukraine
The Russian army continues to retreat in Ukraine. Ukraine claims it has pushed back Russian forces in the past few weeks. The Ukrainian government has reported that its forces are continuously advancing in the Donbass region. In such a situation, the Russian troops have to retreat. The Ukrainian army has also seized the main supply route of the Russian army in the Donbass. Due to this, Russian troops are facing a lot of difficulties in the supply of arms and logistics.

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