Sachin Tendulkar Wants Arjun To Have Freedom To Fall In Love With Cricket Told Why Din’t Watch His Matches

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Sachin Tendulkar wants Arjun to have the freedom to fall in love with cricket. That is why he does not go to see his son’s matches. In the IPL Mega Auction, Mumbai has bought Arjun at a price of 30 lakhs.

Sachin Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar
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Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has spoken openly about the career of his son Arjun Tendulkar. He has told why he does not go to the stadium to watch his son’s matches. Sachin wants Arjun to have the freedom to fall in love with cricket. That’s why they don’t watch their matches. Arjun is currently a part of Mumbai’s Ranji team. In the IPL Mega Auction, Mumbai Indians bought him at a price of 30 lakhs.

Talking about Arjun on the YouTube channel of American journalist Graham Bensinger, Sachin said, “Whenever mothers and fathers go to see their children’s matches, they feel pressure. That is why I do not go to see Arjun’s matches. Because , I want him to have the freedom to fall in love with cricket. His focus should be on what he has to do. I don’t go and watch him play. He needs to stay focused on his game. Me Didn’t like that anyone would see me.”

Sachin further told that even if he goes to watch the match, he keeps sitting secretly. Apart from Arjun, his coach and other people in the stadium also do not know that Sachin had come to see this match.

Arjun was not pressurized to play cricket

Talking further, Sachin said, “None of us put pressure on Arjun to play cricket. He was into football first and then used to play chess. Cricket came later in his life.” Arjun has now made a career in cricket. Apart from domestic cricket, he is also playing IPL. Earlier he was associated with Mumbai team for 20 lakhs and now he has been bought for 30 lakhs. Apart from Mumbai, Gujarat had shown interest in buying them in the auction.

Answer given on comparison with Virat

During this, Sachin was also asked that Virat and who is the better player among them. In response, Sachin said that why can’t you keep both the players together in your team. Virat is the second highest Indian player after Sachin. Virat has so far scored 70 centuries in international cricket.

When Virat’s gift was returned

In a conversation with Bensinger, Sachin recalled the day of his retirement and said, “I was crying sitting alone in the corner. The towel was in my hand, I was very emotional. At that time Virat came to me and gave me a sacred thread, which was his Father gave it to him. I kept that thread with me for some time and then returned it. I said it is precious and it should remain with you only. It is your property and you should keep it till your last breath and I have given it to you. He returned.”

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