Salman did such a kind of decency, said – just took off the jacket, don’t force him to take off the shirt

The ‘Friday Ka Vaar’ episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ was quite turbulent. In the October 14 episode where Salman Khan opened Sumbul Tauqeer’s eyes for Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta, Sumbul’s father also reached the show. Not only did he reprimand Shaleen and Tina, even Salman did not spare Shaleen. By the end of ‘Friday Ka Vaar’, Shaleen Bhatt and Tina were in the bathroom and talking that everything had gone wrong. We’re fucked. Now the makers have released the promo of the upcoming episode i.e. ‘Saturday Ka Vaar’. In the promo, Salman is seen in a very flamboyant style and he treats Shaleen like this.

The promo of ‘Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar’, which was released on October 15, shows that Shalin Bhatt and Tina Datta try to convince Sumbul together. Tina says that she did nothing wrong with Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Shaleen also tried a lot to explain. But Sumbul cries, folds hands in front of both of them and asks them to stay away from their sight.

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Salman shoves Shaleen – don’t force him to take off his shirt
In the promo, Salman Khan is also shown sweeping Shaleen. In anger, Salman takes off his coat and folds the sleeves. Then Salman says, ‘Shaleen, you are considering yourself one and a half’. You tell me do you have any respect in your heart for professions? A doctor had come for him because his health got worse. He told the doctor.

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Salman washes Shaleen badly
After this Salman Khan says, ‘Shaleen, I ask you how far have you studied? Salman shuts his mouth before he can give a decent answer. He says – don’t say anything, don’t say anything. Don’t say anything now. Because I have just removed the jacket, don’t force me to remove the shirt.

People are demanding to remove Shaleen from the show

In a recent episode, when Shaleen Bhanot misbehaved with the doctor in this way, people’s anger against him broke out on social media. They started demanding from the makers to remove Shaleen Bhanot from ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Now it remains to be seen whether Shaleen improves after Salman’s reprimand or some other action will be taken against him.

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