Sameera Reddy Lost 10 Kg In A Year, You Can Also Take Tips From Her Weight Loss Transformation

Sameera Reddy’s weight changed from 92 kg to 81 kg.

Sameera Reddy Transformation: Celebrities often become thin due to a few months of hard work, despite being very fat. Seeing this, the fans are surprised that how much weight has been lost in such a short time. Everyone wants to know that what makes celebrities so special that their weight is reduced rapidly. This secret has finally been shared by actress Sameera Reddy with everyone. Sameera has recently shared her weight loss journey with people and has given people all the tips that helped Sameera Reddy in reducing weight.

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Sameera Reddy lost weight in this way

Sameera says that she started her fitness journey a year ago. She says, “I was 92 kg. Today I am 81 kg. But, I always say that I am more thankful for my increased energy levels and agility than for the weight loss.” Beyond this, she tells in the following points what things helped her.

– Sameera loses her focus very quickly but she realizes this and she is back on track.
Intermediate fasting helped him in getting rid of the habit of eating snacks at night.
Sameera works on herself internally to stay away from negative thoughts and that is why she is happy with her body.
– She recommends choosing a sport so that fitness becomes fun.
Workout with someone so that someone can do regular checks on you.
– Sameera also advises everyone to make realistic goals. She says that do not think that you will suddenly lose all the weight.
In the end, Sameera says that never hate yourself. There is no use in taking stress for any reason.

Like Sameera, you too can lose weight with these tips. It just takes hard work and belief in yourself.

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