Samsung’s strongest foldable smartphone, know whether to buy or not

mobile news desk The era of foldable smartphones has arrived. Many companies are trying to launch their foldable smartphones as soon as possible. Samsung has overtaken in this. The company launched Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year, which was quite a hit. People bought it by hand. Recently, the company launched Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a great update, which comes with strong features. We are using Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. We unboxed the phone a few days back. Today we have brought you a phone review. Let’s know what is special in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. First of all let’s talk about the design of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Its design is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but the bezels have been reduced significantly. Which has made the viewing experience so much better. The hinge of the phone is absolutely great. No problem opening or closing. The phone is quite easy to hold. You might find it a bit heavy compared to the rest of the phone. But it is natural to gain weight due to folding. The overall design is quite stylish.


Talking about the display of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the front of the phone has a 6.2-inch display and it gets a refresh rate of 120 Hz. 120HZ is a big deal in a foldable phone. A 6.7-inch display is available inside. Talking about the bezels, the front has been reduced significantly compared to last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3. The bezels on the internal screen are also very less. That means the viewing experience is going to be great. Talking about the processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor is available in the phone, which is the latest and makes the performance of the phone great. If you look closely at the folded screen, you will see a crease. But she won’t be so upset. The company has made some major software changes with the Galaxy Fold 4. In the bottom and side screens, you will see the taskbar, as seen in Computer. The most important thing is that you can run three apps simultaneously in the phone. We showed you this during unboxing.

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