Sania Mirza is regretting looking at cricketer Shoaib Malik, said – brother-in-law and husband both do it together…

Many people know Sania Mirza, who has won many medals for India. Even though she was more interested in talking about her marriage than in playing the game, she took part in the discussion. When Shoaib Malik married a Pakistani cricketer, he knew he had made a wise decision.

There was an uproar after the news was released. There was a lot of criticism against Sania in the whole country. There was no response from Sania on this. Sania has shared an interesting anecdote related to her married life which will probably surprise you.


Let us tell you that Sania Mirza married Pakistan’s famous cricketer Shoaib Malik in the year 2010. These two have been married for 11 years. After the news of both of them getting married, many people criticized this marriage fiercely. There was an obvious reason why marrying a Pakistani was a good idea.

Some people criticized Sania for liking only Pakistani men? Which country is the biggest threat to India? Despite many questions from Sania about the existence of God, she remains an open-minded person who is always ready to learn more.

He believes that there is no one answer that is right for everyone, and that everyone should approach the question with an open mind. Sania, what do you think about the question of whether God exists or not? However, Sania did not react in any way to this.


After 11 years of marriage, Sania Mirza has said something that will surprise you. When Sania was asked why she married a Pakistani cricketer, she replied that it was because she found him to be the most interesting person ever.

Then Sania gave him a clear and concise answer saying, I married him because I loved him. At the same time, when Sania was asked why she did not return to the world of tennis after a few years of marriage, she said, “After a few years of marriage, my tennis career almost completely ended. As a mother until relatively recently, it was difficult to resume my tennis career.


Recently, he has also posted a video on his official Instagram account. Shoaib Malik is seen sleeping and this dialogue is written in the background, “Son, always stay away from those who do not respect you.” What Sania Lipsing said in a funny way during the match,

In response to this, ‘I live in his house, this video of him went viral on social media. People are enjoying the new product a lot. The students are giving and receiving scathing feedback as well.


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