Saudi Crown Prince’s Relative’s Statement Viral, Sanders Says Call Back Soldiers


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  • Threatening video of a relative of Saudi Crown Prince goes viral
  • US and Saudi Arabia’s 80-year partnership in danger
  • Biden is angry with the decision of the Saudi-led OPEC Plus countries
  • Saudi Crown Prince refuses to bow down
  • Talk of the Republican Party in America benefiting from Saudi’s stand
  • Bernie Sanders calls for strict action against Saudi

A video of Saud Al-Shalan, cousin of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is going viral.

In this video, Saud al-Shalan is making violent threats against Western countries. In recent days, the United States has expressed strong displeasure over the decision of the Saudi Arabia-led Organization of Oil Producing Countries OPEC Plus to cut oil.

It is being said within America that Saudi Arabia should not forgive this time and the time has come to take tough decisions against it.

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