Scam: You have also become a victim of call forwarding scam, so protect like this, know what is call forwarding scam

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  • hackers are hacking whatsapp using call forwarding
  • Call forwarding scam is a scam that happens in public
  • These scammers can be at bus stand, metro station or anywhere.

Hackers are hacking WhatsApp using call forwarding. Bank account can also become empty through this scam. Take care in time, otherwise it may cost thousands of rupees.

Scammers keep on changing their methods over time to scam. The way these people are being caught using technology. In the same way, these people also use technology to find a deficiency in it. Through this scammers keep coming in different ways. One of these methods is call forwarding scam. With this, not only can your bank account be empty in minutes, but these people can also hack WhatsApp in a few seconds. Before this kind of scam happens to you too, you must know the methods of prevention.

What is call forwarding scam

Call forwarding scam is a scam that happens in front of people’s eyes, but they do not understand it. This is a very simple way to get scammed. These scammers can be at bus stand, metro station or anywhere. With great love, these people ask for the phone to make a call, stating their helplessness. After giving the smartphone, scammers call a number and talk. After this, very quickly in time, go to the phone’s settings and put your number in call forwarding.

protect like this

Due to call forwarding, people who call to you when the number is busy. That call reaches the scammers. They take advantage of this. Even after this, people can also take OTP on their number through calling. The most important way to avoid call forwarding scams is that if someone asks for the phone to make a call showing compulsion, then do not give them the phone. If you want to help, then dial that number yourself and get it to talk on loudspeaker. Keep checking call forwarding from time to time by going to Settings.

Such WhatsApp account can be hacked

WhatsApp can also be hacked through call forwarding. Scammers choose to call instead of SMS in OTP by entering your number to login to WhatsApp. In this way OTP goes to those people. There are some scammers who may ask you to dial **67* or *405* after making a call. After entering this code, WhatsApp logs out. Actually this code is also a call forwarding method. After logging out, those people take OTP on their number.

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