Selling Old Smartphone: If you are going to sell old phone then first know these 5 important things

Selling Old Smartphone: Today’s era is of smartphone which almost every other man has. Living in today’s time without a smartphone is completely unthinkable. But the smartphone should be changed frequently. If possible, it should be sold so that you can also deposit some money to buy another mobile. Apart from this, your old mobile can be useful to others. Be sure to know some 5 things so that you do not have trouble.

What is the complete system of Selling Old Smartphone?

Our smartphones contain almost all the information. It also contains many personal things from bank details. Now if you are selling your smartphone, then before that you should do some things. If you do not do this, you may have trouble, then definitely know the tips mentioned here.

  1. Take a backup: Whenever you sell your old phone, you should take out your backup and reset that mobile. All files should be deleted from the mobile, but before that, take a backup of them.
  2. Save data: You cannot back up some data. For this, you must save that data in another hard disk, PAN card or other mobile. If you do not have the option of storage, then you can save it in Google Drive.
  3. Format the phone: Before giving your old mobile to someone, format it. With this, nothing old is left in your phone. Due to this, the chances of getting data in your mobile are very less.
  4. Logout of social media accounts: Logout all the accounts you have including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail ID. With this your account cannot be hacked. Especially logout and delete the payment apps.
  5. Keep the details of the person to whom you sell the phone: You must keep the details of the person to whom you are selling your smartphone. Keeping their details will ensure that if you face any problem in future, you can find it. Apart from this, at the time you sell the phone, keep its date, time and its sign.

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