Senior opposition leader Azam Swati has been arrested for a tweet against Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Islamabad: An MP of Imran Khan’s party has been arrested in Pakistan for tweets against Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. After the arrest, PTI MP Azam Swati was beaten up by taking off her clothes. During the court appearance, the arrested MP has accused the police of committing excesses and assault. Pakistani media report states that PTI Senator Azam Swati has been arrested for tweeting against the country’s institutions, including the army chief. In her tweet, MP Swati had questioned General Bajwa on the acquittal of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz in the money laundering case. In response to this, the police had registered an FIR against the PTI MP, alleging that he had made objectionable tweets against the country’s institutions including the Army Chief.

What did MP Azam Swati write in the tweet
Azam Swati wrote in her tweet that “Congratulations Mr Bajwa to you and a few others with you. Your plan is really working and all the criminals are getting free at the cost of this country. By getting these thugs free, you have legalized corruption. Now how do you predict the future of this country.” The PTI MP, arrested after his court appearance, said he was not arrested for breaking the law, violating the Constitution or fundamental rights. He said that he has been arrested for taking a name of “Bajwa”. And this is a violation of law. The MP was asked who arrested him, he said that the FIA ​​team has caught me. The MP alleged Alleged that he was harassed by the agencies. He said that an MP was stripped and thrashed by the FIA. I am telling this to the nation.

What is written in the FIR registered against PTI MP
The FIR report, filed at the FIA’s Cybercrime Reporting Center in Islamabad, states that Swati had tweeted with malicious intent and ulterior motives against the state institutions of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its senior officials. The intention was to defame government officials including the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army. The FIR states that such “intimidating tweet of blame and naming through Twitter account i.e. @AzamKhanSwatiPK, is an attempt to create rift between the employees and officers of Armed Forces and cause harm to Pakistan. It is alleged that It has been alleged that such people are weakening the judicial system of the country and trying to incite the military personnel against their officers.

what happened during the court appearance
Babar Awan, Sardar Masuf Khan and Kaiser Jadoon appeared on behalf of PTI MP Azam Swati in the Islamabad Sessions Court of Senior Civil Judge Shabbir Bhatti. During this, FIA demanded 8-day physical remand of MP Azam Swati from the court. To which Swati’s lawyers argued that her arrest was made on the basis of political malice. He also alleged that he was tortured during the late night detention. The court then sent Swati to two-day physical remand and ordered that the PTI leader be taken for a medical checkup before and after the remand period. It directed the authorities to produce Swati in the court on October 15. The court, in its written order, said that Swati had complained of harassment after being arrested at 3 am on Thursday. The FIA ​​had informed the court that a technical investigation into Swati’s Twitter account was also to be conducted. The court said that Swati is being sent on remand for two days for further investigation and recovery of her other social media accounts.

There was a ruckus after the arrest of PTI MP
After the arrest of the MP, Imran Khan’s party opened a front against the Shahbaz Sharif government. Former minister and PTI leader Chaudhary tweeted that the news of Swati being tortured is disturbing. Torture of political prisoners has become a new thing in Pakistan. Shireen Mazari, who was Human Rights Minister during PTI’s tenure, tweeted a video alleging custodial torture of Azam Swati. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister and PTI leader Taimur Jhagra demanded Swati’s release.

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