Sergei Survovikin: Putin gave command of Ukraine to the general who caused ‘catastrophe’

Putin honoring Sergei Suvovikin in 2017

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Putin honoring Sergei Suvovikin in 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday handed over command of the Ukraine war to a key military officer. The Russian government has said that Sergei Suvovikin has been appointed ‘commander of joint troops in the field of special military operations’.

Let us tell you that Russia has been calling the Ukraine war since the beginning and not a war, but a special military operation. With this decision taken hours after the truck bombing on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia, Russia has given an important indication related to its strategy regarding this war.

The bridge was seriously damaged in this bombing. Simultaneously, seven fuel tanks caught fire. However, Ukraine did not take any responsibility for the attack.

Russia retaliated

Russia launched a savage attack on Ukraine’s capital Kiev on Monday, nearly 48 hours after the bridge exploded. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the missile strikes a response to “terrorist activity” for which he blamed the Zelensky government.

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