Serial killer of portugues killed more then 70 people his head is kept in jar from last 181 years lclt

In Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the head of a man has been kept safe in a jar for more than 181 years. You will also be surprised to know the reason. This man had not done any such great deed, due to which his head has been kept safe in the jar. Rather, this person was one of those dreaded serial killers, who mercilessly killed so many innocent people. That too just because of a fad.

This is the serial killer who was hanged in Portugal for this heinous act. However, no one was ever sentenced to death in that country after that. The name of this serial killer is- Diogo Alves. Diogo Elvis was born in 1819 in the city of Geselia, Spain. When he was young, he reached Lisbon, Portugal in search of work. Here he looked for a job. But he didn’t get the job.

Looting started in crowded areas
During this he met some people who did not work. Still living Ash’s life. When he found out that what such work do those people do by which they have so much money. Then he comes to know that these people earn money by doing petty crimes. Only this thing sat in his mind as well. He also decided that he would follow the path of crime and earn a lot of money. Then Diogo started with looting. He would often go to crowded areas and commit incidents of looting.

New plan made due to greed
Diogo’s life was passing like this. Then the greed of earning more money came in his mind. He thought why not kill a big hand. Diogo thought a lot and did a research. In research, Diogo found that there is a bridge 213 feet high in Lisbon. It is only through this bridge that the outer area is reached. This bridge is used more by the farmers doing agriculture. They come to the city from the outer area. After selling fruits and vegetables there, they return home from this bridge in the evening.

Farmers alone used to make marks
Then Diogo went there and found that the farmers either go from there in groups. Or a few farmers sometimes go from there alone. Diogo made a plan that the last farmer who passed by alone in the evening would make him his target. So that there is no danger of getting caught. He started his work again. Often he would suddenly break down on the farmer going alone. Then looting all the money, he would have pushed the farmer off the bridge and threw him down.

Diogo used to ambush on the bridge everyday
He was sure that the farmer would die after falling from a height of 213 feet. Similarly, Diogo made the same bridge his abode. He would ambush every day and sit there. Then he would have robbed the farmer going alone and killed him like this. He does not carry out robbery incidents every day. If he had got more money in the robbery, he would have run his expenses for a few days with that money and would have stopped the incident of robbery for some time. But if he got less money, he would ambush the farmers every day until he got more money.

Knife used to protest
During this, sometimes he would also have to face some tough farmers, who would oppose it. So in return, Diogo would have stabbed them. Then throws them down the bridge. After a month, the word started spreading in the area that many farmers who go to Lisbon are disappearing. The word also spread to Lisbon. Then about 25 to 30 farmers had disappeared. At first the police thought that the farmers might have committed suicide due to losses. So he didn’t pay much attention to it. But in the meantime, the police were blown away when they came to know that the passers-by passing under the bridge had seen the bodies of some people there. When the dead bodies were identified, it was found that all the dead were farmers.

Police admitted – farmers committed suicide
After the post-mortem, it was found that no farmer was attacked. He died by falling down. The police once again started believing that these farmers must have committed suicide due to poverty. The matter was about to end that the process of disappearance of farmers continued and this number increased to 50. When the police started the investigation again, the family members of the deceased were also questioned. It turned out that there were many farmers who were not short of money. The police were told that when these farmers did not have money problem, then why would they commit suicide.

Police closed the bridge
The police resumed the investigation. First that bridge was closed for some time. Due to the closure of the bridge, the cases of missing farmers also stopped coming. This was a big surprise for the police. When the police decided that a search was conducted under the bridge, many dead bodies were found from there. When the investigation started, it was seen that some dead bodies also have marks of stab wounds. It did not take long for the police to know that it was not a case of suicide, but of murder.

Diogo did nothing for three years
After this, the police for the first time believed that there is a person who is killing the farmers. The police started searching for the anonymous murderer. When the matter even reached Diogo, he thought that this work should be stopped for some time. For three years, Diogo did nothing. Then the government decided that now the bridge should be opened. But there the security was increased. Diogo thought that now he should start his work again. But due to the tight security, he was not able to do anything like this.

Diogo formed gang
Diogo thought that now the way of committing crime should be changed. Now the incident of robbery should be carried out by forming a gang. Then he looked for people who were poor and were involved in petty crimes. His search was completed and Diogo formed a gang. First in Lisbon itself, they robbed small pieces and with that money bought weapons for the gang. Then, together with the gang, Diogo started targeting the noble families living in the city. First rake with the gang. Then after carrying out the robbery incident, the people living in that house were brutally killed and escaped. Now the word started spreading in the whole city that after looting the houses of the rich people, they are being killed. The whole city started getting scared by this news. The tension of the police also increased. A large number of police forces were deployed to find the accused. But no clue was found.

robbed the house of famous doctor and killed 4 people
During this, Diogo thought of targeting the famous doctor of Lisbon. Under the plan, he enters the doctor’s house. He ruthlessly kills 4 members of the family including the doctor by robbing him. After the murder of the doctor, it spread like fire. Now the pressure has come on the police from above that the accused have to be caught under any circumstances. The police increased the investigation and they came to know that there are some miscreants who live outside the city. They come to the city and return after carrying out the crime. Based on this, the police started searching for those people.

Police caught 4-5 suspects
Only one thing was very useful to the police in the murder of the doctor. That is, the police got the information about his murder within half an hour. Due to which the police made a blockade in the city and activated the police of the entire city. So that the accused cannot go out of the city. Meanwhile, the police caught 4 to 5 suspicious people while leaving the city. When he was strictly interrogated, he confessed his crime. Among all these there was also Diogo Elvis, who stood completely silent in front of the police.

Diogo confesses the crime
During interrogation it is revealed that the head of the gang is Diogo. When everyone’s history is scanned, it comes to know that they were associated with petty crimes. But the police become suspicious of Diogo and when they link the murders of the peasants with these murders, they vigorously interrogate Diogo. Diogo soon confesses that he has killed the farmers as well. He has told that after 70 he does not remember the count how many people he has killed.

Diogo’s skull is locked in a jar for 181 years
When this thing came to the fore, the whole of Portugal was shocked. Because he had never seen such a big serial killer in the history of Portugal. There was a lot of commotion in the city. There was a lot of anger among people about Diogo. The court hurriedly began action and in February 1841, Diogo was sentenced to death. When the hanging was decided, some doctors in Lisbon asked the court and the government for permission to keep Diogo’s brain with them for research after his death. He argued that he wants to do research on how such serial killers think. It is called Phrenology in the term of science. The court and the government gave permission to the doctors for this. After research, Diogo’s head is kept in the museum of the University of Lisbon. Today it has been 181 years.

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