Shahrukh’s darling was seen with a non-man wearing a crop top in the middle of the night, who is this boy?

Shahrukh's darling was seen with a non-man wearing a crop top in the middle of the night, who is this boy?

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan and Shweta Bachchan’s son Agastya Nanda have been spotted together on several occasions. Both these issues are being discussed on social media. This keeps happening. In a video, the two have been captured together late at night.


This video is getting a lot of headlines on social media and is being shared fast. In this video, Suhana and Agastya are seen leaving the restaurant with Shweta Bachchan. She is seen with him and his friend Kajal Anand was also seen with him.


Suhana looked very beautiful even in a very simple look. Suhana is wearing a black crop top and a blue crop top. He was wearing loose denim. Suhana has tied her hair back and has also applied a black color mask for safety.


Let us tell you that Suhana Khan and Agastya can be seen together in The Archies. This film will be the debut film of both of them. Khushi Kapoor will also be seen in the same film and will make her debut. The trailer of the film has been released and the trailer is yet to be released.

Suhana and Agastya look good together. Both the parties complement each other. There is still some confusion about the nature of the relationship between the two sides. On behalf of both of them, I would like to inform you that till now no action has been taken in this matter. The story of this film is based on Archie Comics and it is going to be released very soon.

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