‘Shakira of Haryana’ shakes the stage of ‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Tamarind’ came to challenge in dance, Video – Gori Nagori Haryana ki shakira dance video Sumbul Touqueer aka Imlie Salman Khan Abdu Rozik

Although ‘Shakira of Haryana’ aka Gori Nagori is not seen doing much special in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, but her dance junkies are increasing day by day. Gori Nagori, who has a tremendous fan following, is going to be seen shaking the stage in ‘Bigg Boss’ in ‘Friday Ka Vaar’. Salman Khan will take entry inside the house and will be first seen asking Gori Nagori to give a dance performance. Gori was waiting for this moment when she would get a chance to dance in ‘Bigg Boss’. And see, his wish has also come true.

Dance faceoff between Gori-Sumbul
Gori Nagori performs on her hit song ‘Gori Naache’. She impresses Salman Khan a lot by giving a bang performance in a red sharara suit. After praising, Salman asks if there is anyone who can compete with Ghori. Tina Dutta immediately takes the name of Sumbul Tauqeer on this. Sumbul performs on Salman’s song ‘Kabhi Lage Monalisa’. After the performance, there is a performance between both Gori and Sumbul, but the song goes on ‘Gori Naache’.

Along with Gori, Sumbul is also seen doing her signature step. Seeing this dance performance of both, it has to be said that Sumbul has given a tough competition to Gori. Salman Khan also seems very happy with this talent of both. This video of Gori and Sumbul is being seen a lot among the fans. Some are telling the performance of Sumbul as fire, while some are saying for Gori that you will just break the stage, have given such a performance.

Who is Gori Nagori?
Gori Nagori is a dancer who hails from Nagaur in Rajasthan, but she is known as ‘Shakira of Haryana’ almost all over North India. Ghori’s real name is Taslima Bano. During the stage performance, Gori has been associated with controversies many times. Due to her bold moves, Ghori has had to listen to people’s taunts many times. Recently, Ghori was again embroiled in controversies when she was accused of obscene dance during a program of Mahashivratri. Gauri, who came under the target of trolls, confronted the users and also gave a befitting reply. Ghori said that she was worshiping the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva, how can he be obscene?

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