Shaleen Bhanot was accused of assault by ex-wife, said – if there is a dispute again… – Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot Domestic Violence controversy daljeet kaur old video viral tmopp

TV actor Shaleen Bhanot is seen in Bigg Boss 16 these days. After a long time, Shaleen has been seen on the small screen. His fans are excited to see him. So on the other hand, many users on social media have become angry after seeing Shaleen on the TV screen. Shaleen is also one of the infamous faces of the TV industry. The reason for this is his ex-wife Daljit Kaur’s allegations against him.

There were big allegations on Shaleen

Daljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot were married in the year 2009. After a few years, both of them got divorced in 2015. Daljit had accused Shaleen of domestic violence and trying to kill her. The video during that time is also going viral these days. In this, Daljit is talking about the difficulties being emotional. Before going to the Bigg Boss 16 house, Shaleen had talked in an interview that what would she do if the domestic violence controversy started again in her name.

In response to this, the actor said that he has always kept silence on the allegations against him. This is his plan in future also. Shaleen Bhanot says, ‘I do not have any plan to deal with this matter. I don’t talk about my past. I have never talked about my past. This is my personal life. Whatever happened in my life years ago. I think it has been 8 years since that point. I never talked about it then why would I talk about it now? This is my family man.

old video of diljit viral

Daljit Kaur had accused Shaleen Bhanot of domestic violence, taking dowry and even trying to kill her. However, according to reports, there was a long legal battle between the two. The Bombay High Court had given a clean chit to Shaleen. All the charges against him were dismissed. Daljit had told in an interview that Shaleen had given him money to end the case and to withdraw the charges against him. At the same time, his parents also wanted him to end this matter.

Shaleen Bhanot’s name is being linked to Bigg Boss 16’s contestant Sumbul Tauqeer these days. There is talk among the family members that talks are going on about both of them. In such a situation, Tina Dutt had also questioned Shaleen whether there was anything going on between her and Sumbul. To this the actor replied that no she is a child. nothing of the sort.

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