Share of only Re 1 made people millionaires, more returns will be available till Diwali

Before Diwali, there are three such stocks, which have made their investors rich. All the three stocks have given sloppy returns ranging from 1385 per cent to 1592 per cent in the last one year.

Let us know the price history of these three multibagger stocks Regency Ceramic, Party Cruiser and Bombay Metrics Supply Chain share.

Price History of Regency Ceramics

Shares of Regency Ceramics have soared in the past one year. This penny stock has jumped from Rs 1.90 to Rs 32.15 in a single year. During this period, a jump of 1548 percent was registered in it. That is, an investor who would have invested one lakh rupees in it a year ago, his one lakh total would have exceeded Rs 1,648,000.

At the same time, this stock has given a return of 13 percent in the last one month and more than 656 percent in 3 months. Its 52 week high is Rs 43.80 and low is Rs 1.85.

Price History of Party Cruisers

Party Cruiser shares have jumped 1497 percent in one year. It has given a return of 263 per cent in three months. Whereas, it has given more than 26 percent returns in the last one week. Its 52 week high is Rs 353.90 and low is Rs 18.65.

If we talk about the shares of Bombay Metrics Supply Chain Ltd., then this stock has made its investors rich by giving a return of 1385 percent in the last one year. In the last 3 months itself, it has made one lakh more than 3 lakh. Its 52 week high is Rs 1773.80 and low is Rs 117.90.

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