Signal comes with WhatsApp feature, photos and videos will automatically disappear in 24 hours

Signal One of the best messaging apps. To protect the privacy of its users, the app offers features like end-to-end encryption. It comes with a number of features to ensure that a message sent over Signal remains only between the sender and the receiver. Despite having many features, the app did not yet have the Stories feature, which is already available in other popular instant messaging apps WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. However, now it is being rolled out for beta testers. Also Read – WhatsApp is bringing a new feature, now you will be able to see whose request is pending in the group

Stories feature in Signal

Signal has confirmed to its Community Forums that Stories is now available for beta testers. This facility was in the news since March 2022. However, beta users are able to use it for the first time on the app. Signal’s Stories feature will work in the same way as it does on other social media platforms. Also Read – Telegram founder claims, 200 crore users are being spied on through WhatsApp

Instagram also has a feature called Stories. At the same time, this status is known in WhatsApp. Users can upload photos and videos or text as Stories for their contacts. It will disappear on its own within the next 24 hours. Also Read – New feature in WhatsApp, you will be able to write captions for documents like pictures

Can share with group

Users can share stories with all your contacts, with any group or with select contacts as per their convenience and desire. If you want to share a story in a group, then any person in that group will be able to share your story. Also can give feedback or reply on it.

Apart from groups, this feature is similar to WhatsApp’s service. Just there it is called Status. However, one of the major differences between Signal and the WhatsApp feature is that if you don’t want to share or watch stories, Signal won’t force you to do so. You can disable Stories completely by going to Settings. You can also remove your ability to post them. You can also block other people’s stories from showing.

When this feature will be brought to all Signal users, it is not known at the moment. However, now all users will be able to use it soon after beta users.

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