Simi Grewal used to love Ratan Tata very much, 11 years ago in the interview, it was revealed, then why was it not done?

Actress Simi Grewal got as much discussion for her strong acting in films like ‘Karz’ and ‘Mera Naam Joker’, her love life was equally discussed. It is a different matter that despite the romantic relationship and marriage, Simi Grewal was left alone. Divorced from husband Ravi Mohan and she did not even have any children. Simi Grewal married businessman Ravi Mohan. Both of them got married after a long distance relationship of three months. But this marriage lasted only a few years. After a decade of marriage, both of them got divorced.

Before marriage, Simi Grewal was dating the Maharaja of Jamnagar. She was 17 years old at that time. But very few people would know that Simi Grewal was once in a serial relationship with Ratan Tata as well. Simi Grewal spoke openly about her love and relationship with Ratan Tata in an interview. Simi Grewal’s 75th birthday is on 17 October (Happy Birthday Simi Garwal). Know about him and Ratan Tata on this occasion.

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Simi Grewal, Photo: ETimes

Ratan Tata with Ishq and Simi Grewal

Simi Garewal told in an interview to our colleague ETimes 11 years ago that she used to date Ratan Tata. The two had a long connection. Praising Ratan Tata, Simi Grewal had said, ‘Ratan and I have had a long relationship. He is absolutely perfect. His sense of humor is amazing and he is the perfect gentleman. Money was never important to him. He does not live in India as much as he relaxes abroad.

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Simi Grewal, Photo: ETimes

Ratan Tata came to Simi Grewal’s show

According to reports, Simi Grewal and Ratan Tata wanted to marry each other. Both of them also had many dreams together. But for some reason it didn’t work out. Later Ratan Tata also appeared in Simi Grewal’s show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, where he revealed many secrets of his life. Then Ratan Tata had said about marriage and relationship that there were many occasions when he was about to get married. But it didn’t work out.

broke up due to some reason

Simi Grewal never told why she broke up with Ratan Tata, but she still respects him. Simi Grewal does not miss to praise Ratan Tata on any occasion.

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Watch Ratan Tata on Simi Grewal’s show:

Ratan Tata said this on marriage and relationship
Ratan Tata also talked about his failed marriage in the same interview. He had told, ‘I was 27 years old when I got married. I got married after a long distance relationship of three months. At the same time I knew that my marriage would not work. We were two very different human beings. And the thinking that after marriage they will have to leave their home and work, it is very wrong. Simi Grewal also had a relationship with Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. But it is said that their relationship broke down after Sharmila Tagore entered Mansoor Pataudi’s life. Simi Grewal got divorced from her husband in 1979 and she is still single.

Simi Grewal has been away from showbiz since 2011

Simi Grewal had said goodbye to the film industry in 1988. In the year 1997, she brought her hit show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, which became very popular. Simi Grewal is away from showbiz since 2011, but she remains very active on social media.

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